Apple : Fall 2018 Event, new iPhones etc


Good points all.

I guess my non waterproof one required being taken on and off more - I might put a passcode on the new one!

(Jack) #450

I only use apple pay on my phone, i find the thought of people laughing while watching me lean over and turn my arm round to pay for things and it not work enough to never try lol
I might start using it but fingerprint on your phone is easy enough

(James Harrington) #451

I too was hesitant to be “one of those” people trying to get my watch onto a reader but when I went front the 7 Plus to the iPhone X and didn’t take into account how FaceID would work.

With my 7 Plus I would hold my finger over the home button as I tapped the TFL barriers. The NFC would trigger my card and instantly see my fingerprint and I’d be through.

On my IPhone X the wallet is triggered when I tap the barrier but the FaceID isn’t as fast as Touch ID. Instead I find myself do the “double tap” of the power button to activate the FaceID as I come up the escalators which means anyone passing by could capture a transaction if they had a contactless reader (unlikely but not imposssible)

So now I use the Watch because although it’s a double tap my card is instantly available.

I’m hoping with the iPhone X S the FaceID is lot faster


The face Id is meant to be improved and faster.


I’ve found the face id on iOS 12 on the X to be faster

(Jack) #454

I have a 7, was thinking about an xs but hadn’t thought of the face id with contactless, maybe i will start using my watch lol


I don’t see the problem with face id and contactless, I double click the button, glance at the phone to check it’s in contactless mode and it IDs me at the same time and then move it to the terminal

Works a treat

(James Harrington) #456

It’s not a huge problem “most of the time” but rush hour on London’s public transport can get a bit hairy if you’re not quick with your payment. I realise it’s only one subset of the overall usage which otherwise works very well.


Yeah, I see the issue with the underground - a Kerv is probably the best way to handle that!


I was unsure about using the watch for payments until I watched a video on YouTube and some guy said it’d make you look like James Bond while at the checkout. Not sure what Bond would be doing in Asda in the first place, but the cool factor does appeal. Maybe I’m just that shallow. :smiley:

(Andy) #459

I recycled my Apple Watch 2 for £121. I’ve always found Plunc to always offer the best price. I used them for my MacBook & iPad recently too.

If you use my link, you and I both get an extra £5.

(Kevyn) #460

You mean K Ring? What was Kerv has had to rebrand.


I managed to lose mine so I haven’t been keeping up!

(Jack) #462

I can vouch for Plunc. Sold them my old iPad, best price I could find.

Just traded in my iPhone 7 to game for £240.

(Michael) #463

I had my first one replaced within maybe 6 months, pretty sure my replacement stopped working too so I gave up on it. Seems the shock of day to day life can break the contactless circuit.

Edit: just noticed there’s now fees for year 2 onwards, as well as inactivity fees and account closure fees.

The small balance I had has now gone :angry:

(Richard) #464

Decent hands on for those thinking about the XR, looks pretty nice…

(Uatu) #465

Don’t forget to get it from EE directly :wink:

(Andy) #466

I was going to go for the XR but I’m turned off by the screen. It’s only 720p and my iPhone 7 Plus is 1080p also the XR has the same PPI as the iPhone 4 from 2010. For the price this feels like a big step down

(Richard) #467

Dunno… only thing that rings in my head is that 1k price tag… don’t really watch movies on my phone anyway.

We’ll see… got other things to buy first, so will need to see how the budget fairs after that :wink:

Edit: I’ll probably wait until I can see both in the shop… not really in a rush at the moment…

(Andy) #468

Yep exact same here. May be new year before I get one, will see if I can stay away from it! I’ll pop in to the Apple Store for a play when it comes out