New iPhone colours

(Simon B) #1

My 6S is coming to the end of the contract in a couple of months. Digging the look of the blue one, so will probs upgrade to that. Thoughts?

(Andy) #2

oooh quite like the blue one too! I have a 7+ and still trying to decide whether to upgrade this year. Last year was the first time I’ve not done an annual upgrade and I still don’t have any issues with my 7+, it’s fast, battery is at 87% capacity and plenty of storage. But pretty new phones :heart_eyes:


I really want the red iPhone 8. Will probably have a cover on it so logically there’s no reason to have it, but it looks great

(Jack) #4

I have a gold iPhone 7 at the moment but I’m also digging that blue one :smiley:
If I couldn’t have blue I’d go white or gold probably.
Hopefully, I’ll upgrade when the new iPhone’s are announced.

As you say @Rat_au_van The colour mostly ends up getting covered anyway :sweat_smile:

Orange is an interesting choice for Apple…

(Richard) #5

Wife recently got the 8, it’s a very shiny phone.

Funnily, she has added a blue apple silicon case on top of it and it looks smart. You get the red detail in the gaps (like around the camera).

(Ian Lyon) #6

I’m probably gonna go with whatever shade of Space Grey they release this year. My white/silver iPhone X is nice, but I like to change it up every year.

Unless they introduce a red variant that’s the same colour as the red iPhone 8 :fire:

(Jai Sullivan) #7

I’m not a fan of Apple doing coloured iPhones — wish they had just stuck to black and white, or just black! I feel it takes away from the premium look to a certain extent. Black will always be the most elegant, and the best :wink:

(Andre Borie) #8

I thought you were an Android guy. :joy:

(Tony) #9

I might be interested in getting the Trump Cheeto Orange version. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Simon B) #10

I’ve been over this!

Primary phone is Pixel 2 XL
Secondary phone is (currently) iPhone 6S

I largely prefer Android, but it’s also beneficial for me to have an iOS device.

(Andre Borie) #11

What do you use a secondary phone for? Is it only to be able to test Monzo on it or is there another reason, like having two phone numbers*?

*There is a solution for that… :wink:

(Simon B) #12

Handful of music apps mostly that are iOS only, testing Monzo iOS version, and just a few random other apps that are iOS exclusive. Plus, when I’m abroad I keep my UK SIM active for 2FA on some stuff and in case family or friends try and call, and then have a local SIM in the other phone.

I actually don’t use the secondary phone number at all. Nobody has it, so I know that if it rings it’s likely spam.


I couldn’t cope with having 2 phones to carry around. It’s just too much hassle!

Also not a fan of the coloured phones.

I reckon if they do them, it’ll be for the lower end of the new iPhones - Not the flagship model.

(Mark Dunne) #14

I’m hoping that they do a Product (RED) version :pray:t2::pray:t2: