Apple September 2019 Event

Starting a thread about the upcoming Apple Event on September 10th

You can view it on a browser at

Will you be tempted to get the iPhone 11 or wait for the iPhone 12 which probably will have 5G, or move away to say Pixel 4 or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 etc? And what else do you think they’ll announce at the event?

I only buy new iPhones when it has a significant feature so I will wait and may get a 5G version depending on how well 5G launchesi n the next year. May wait for the iPhone 13 in 2021.


I’ve never missed an iPhone myself but may miss this one and wait for a potential USB C and 5G iPhone next year. Although I said that last year and ended up with a XS Max some months later :sweat_smile:

More excited about iOS 13 dropping tbh!


I currently have a Watch Series 3 and iPhone X…

Thinking of selling my iPhone X whilst it’s still intact and getting the new phone. Knowing my luck I’d smash the screen on my X just as my Applecare+ expires.

If the Series 5 is good I’ll get that, if not, get the price-dropped Series 4. Going to give my new refurbed Series 3 (Thank you Screen Replacement Program) to my other half, or sell it.

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I think the 4th gen was such a leap forward that it won’t leave much room for improvement, more colours maybe or a ceramic finish :heart_eyes:

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This is the first time I have considered a non-iPhone. Looking at the Pixel 4 to compare.

I’ve been using a Samsung S10 5G for a few weeks, and have to say the camera and screen is just stunning.

I’m hoping for a new Apple Watch to get a price drop on the Series 4!

I might skip this iPhone and wait next year if the rumours are true, but the sneak leaks at the pixel 4 looks so good (especially with that night sight function)

Ah the decisions XD

I’m interested to see what they do with the watch besides a speed bump and additional materials for the casing. Likely going to stay with my Series 4 unless something stands out.

For the phone I may switch if there is a real leap in the camera tech. Otherwise again will stick with my XS Max.

Though I am interested in what else they may drop at the event.

I’m in the market for 3 things:

  • New Apple Watch (Currently rocking Series 0 and it’s dying!)
  • New iPhone (Currently on iPhone X - looking at going for the bigger size if there’s enough new stuff in it)
  • New Apple TV (Currently gave mine to family, want a new one… and if it’s updated, I’ll buy it!)
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I’m still rocking my old Apple TV (Gen 2?) Will see if the new model offers anything fancy

Looks like they have killed Series 4 watch altogether, and reduced price of S3

But they’ve added a Philishave to the back of the iPhone 11 Pro. Take that Google!


Won the forum today good sir :joy:


Anyone disappointed they killed the series 4, I now have a 4G one up for sale :ok_hand:t2: Space grey aluminium with the fabric strap.

Have the Series 5 ordered for Friday. Liking the always on screen.

Overall really underwhelmed with the keynote this time. The cameras stood out but even they are not as market leading as others.


iPhone 11 Pro starts at £1049 in UK

It seems the US tariffs will end up hitting the rest of the world so that US customers don’t have to suffer.

If I wasn’t so into the Apple ecosystem I’d be jumping ship - I might just end up not upgrading for a second year - a first for me

For the Apple Watch, still a pretty useless battery life when compared with the competitors. When will that ever improve!?

I get at least a day and a half. Which is more than enough for me as I charge it while in the shower.


I was fully in the ecosystem. Still jumped ship

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