Apple April Event

I’m holding out for the new iPad Pro - hoping this comes at this event… 1 day before my birthday. Early birthday present for me. :eyes:

Hopefully some new Apple TV too pls.


Some sort of AppleTV/Homepod would be nice.

Do you mean the combined Apple TV thing that’s rumoured? I doubt there’ll be a new HomePod.

Yeah, probably a bit soon for that/won’t ever happen.

I just need something shiny and new that isn’t an iPad :smiley:

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The rumours haven’t quite been there, but I’m really hoping for an Apple Silicon iMac to replace the ageing 2015 one I have here at work. It’s really struggling.

The M1 Mac mini I have at home pisses all over this thing.


Would love some updated airpods/airpods pro.

In the new working from home age i find it so weird that no wireless earbuds have the capability to mute yourself on calls. Would be a gamechanger

I can just echo the need for a new AppleTV. I’ll instantly throw anything up to £300 at Tim Apple at this point

A couple of months ago, I’d have probably agreed. But I’m not sure what it could do that would make it worth it over the GoogleTV that I have.

Still, my beating heart.

The new iMac will likely be the next computer to receive an update to include Apple’s own chips, after it announced that it would be moving towards powering all of its computers with processors of its own design. The first of those computers arrived late last year, in the form of a MacBook Air, Pro and Mac Mini.

Even if it’s just an Apple TV not a homepod linked one? The double bubble appeal sounds a winner for apple users but £300 for one Apple TV. I could blanket the house with other devices for that.

Be watching with interest though.

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I got rid of most things Google in my life (no maps, photos, search and mail is also limited, only YT has to remain as there’s no competition) so that’s one big thing it does.

It will also probably last years longer than a Google/Amazon streaming device and play along nicely with Apple devices

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AirTags (Tile competitor) are rumoured to be announced too.

I’d never use up my AirPods limited battery life on work calls but adding mute sounds like a software feature that could be (easy to?) add.

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Apple TV is the one Apple product where I find it really tough to see the value prop over other cheaper alternatives, especially with TV+ now widely available elsewhere.

I feel like they either need to go a bit cheaper (unlikely) or really do something special to justify that premium.

Yeah if I didn’t have an Xbox, I am fairly sure I’d just get a Roku.

The problem being Id need it to be actionable by a button/tap on the airpods themselves.

Give Xbox a Siri remote (the core appeal of Apple TV at this point for me, there is no better scrubbing experience) and airplay 2 support and I could live just fine without an Apple TV.

It’s quite the weird paradigm shift for me. Back before it had its own proper dedicated OS, it was actually the most indispensable Apple product I own. Now, it’s more expensive, and lacking in capability to other platforms.

With that said though, it’s still my most used TV box, but that’s primarily down to the fact it has the best UX for navigating and watching stuff, rather than AirPlay. Airplay is no longer as clutch as it once was, because more tv boxes have more apps for watching stuff now, so it’s become mostly redundant for me. Gone are the days of having to open up the website on my Mac and airplay the show to my tv.


Good luck with getting Apple to add a button!

But I think that backs up my point about being a software feature, no reason that one of the gestures can’t be remapped (e.g. mute instead of noise cancallation).

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That’s literally the first comment I’ve ever heard in favour of the Siri remote!

I only have AirPlay 2 on my Roku and don’t ever have need to use it. What always put me off AirPlay was that it involved the host device playing and relaying the content, as opposted to Cast, which just sent the stream directly. Not sure if that’s changed these days.

I also (lke you) very rarely have the need Cast (video) any more. For audio I still rely heavily on Cast and Spotify Connect.

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:joy: I know I’m in the minority here! It’s really just the trackpad element I like. The ergonomics of the rest of it are meh. I don’t actually use the physical remote much anymore, it’s better on my phone. But the trackpad interaction on a TV is a dream to use. iPadOS was heavily influenced by it too, and it’s just as fantastic on iPad.

I believe it still works that way. But I personally prefer it. I could use VPN on my Mac and airplay CBS to my tv with no issues. Tried the same once with a free chrome cast I got a few years back, and whenever I would cast it, it would recognise I’m not actually located in the US and wouldn’t work. It’s probably why Netflix stopped supporting AirPlay whilst continuing to have a cast feature.