AirTags, Will you be using them?

Shame that Samsung don’t do a Thom Browne edition SmartTag, my mate showed me one today - seems like the same thing for Android (mostly)

Give it time and they might……… you never know i guess.

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When I first saw Hermes, I thought “Why would I want a tag made by a delivery company, and £350? what are they smoking”

They look visually pleasing, but £350 for a holder, come on… obviously designed for the people that spend 2K on a handbag. Nothing wrong with that, if you have the money to spend. Just not something most people will buy

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Idea has been about for over a decade. I used Chipolo tags for a while, very useful. Tech has moved on and range is much better, reason why Apple have joined the party. Worth looking at Chipolo as an alternative, been in the business longer and their tag works with Apple Find My too.

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this one is even crazier pricing Apple AirTag Hermes travel tag | Hermès USA

There is already some AirTag chat here, including a surprise early delivery from Facebook marketplace which may or may not be real:

As this is in the main Monzo category and Travelling with Monzo subcategory I’m not sure how fitting it is

But to answer the question, yes, I’ll be getting one when JL start selling them because I’m a sucker for all things new and shiny and Apple. I think I’ll pop it on my keys which I never once lost. Maybe now? :speak_no_evil:

I don’t quite know how they’d work with wallets – mine is a minimal slim cardholder wallet, but even with bulkier ones, do you attach one or put it inside? Doesn’t seem like an elegant solution


I ordered a pack of 4, the leather key ring in blue, and the loop, also in blue. Engraved one of the tags with my dog’s name, because it’s short enough to fit. It’s for anti-loss not anti-theft, so I’m not concerned with the name being on there. The other three are blank.

One will be used as part of my extensive setup to prevent against her loss. Huskies are smart, sneaky escapologists. Adamant I’d never be outwitted by a dog, I’m not always the weakest link to be exploited. 5 times in her life she has escaped. Each time I was convinced she’d never pull it off again, until she did. Best I accept her intellectual superiority and that the next time is just an eventuality at this point.

One will go on my suitcase for when I’m able to travel again. The other two I’ll keep aside as spares until there’s a moment I have a use for them. Perhaps one will go in my backpack for local business commutes,


If I had a pet I’d get one for them, definitely. But as it is, I think I’ll just be able to repurpose the existing one as and when needed – normally on keys, and on the bag when commuting/travelling

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I’m going to buy some for an elaborate game of hide and seek.


Embedded AirTag :dog::poo: bags - find it on your way back & dispose of it properly



All the Airtags are is a direct rip off of the Tile tags, so think ill stick with them… and a lot cheaper :slight_smile:

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So they should be. They aren’t as good.


Not really a ripoff. Just a usual Apple product, late, but with the formula perfected


Exactly. I’m planning on moving from Tile to Airtags, as I suspect a lot of people will.


Reminds me of these videos they used to play at WWDC

Where others perceive first as valuable, you value the first thing that matters.

That’s something I think captures Apple’s approach to many if not all things they do. They’re rarely first, but they’re often best, and it’s their product that winds up being the one that matters most and actually changes lives.

That’s what they’ve done now with Airtags. Tile was first, but Apple’s Find My network is the first that actually matters. It’s the only one of the two large enough to actually make this idea work well enough that it can actually fulfil its purpose.


I wish there was an open standard, that they all used


An open standard would be fantastic. I don’t think this is quite as straightforward as something like smart home tech though.

Big data aren’t gonna wanna forego the data element like Apple’s solution is void of. And there are folks who think the anti-stalker stuff diminishes their usefulness and would rather forego those protections in favour of anti-theft.

An open standard would need everyone to agree on every aspect, because it’s the network aspect that would need to be open and shared, rather than the hardware. The find my network being open to third parties for enrolment I think is the best we’re gonna get here.


I’ve ordered a pack of four, and look forward to trying them out. I have had a few Tiles in the past, but think Apple’s use of its Find My network is a unique value proposition.

My one disappointment with Apple is their UK prices. In January 2017, they understandably increased by around 25%, in response to the devaluation of the pound following the Brexit vote. The exchange rate had fallen from 1.44 to 1.20.

The pound has now been growing stronger, and is back at 1.39, so it’s disappointing that this isn’t reflected in Apple’s UK prices. It means shopping in Europe, the US or Singapore makes a lot more sense of you happen to be going there.

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Historically, the exchange rate has never mattered. It was always pound-to-dollar pricing, eg: a $200 camera in the US was £200 in the UK, which is why travelling to the US was always a big shopping experience.

But that thing called eCommerce and t’internet has brought price difference front-and-center. A lot of industries have switched to ‘rough’, in-the-ballpark, exchange rate pricing.

Apple can get away with whatever they want, they’re Apple and their products continue to sell. Plus no-one can do any transatlantic shopping trips either… :biohazard:


I’ll probably pick up one to play with. I could see it useful for hiding on my bike too depending on how big it is in the flesh.

It seems a little better for integration with iOS that Tile has. I used to use Tile, until I lost my keys on holidays and could just watch where they were without being able to actually retrieve them…

Thinking of trying to make a 3d-printed keyring / case for different use cases. Be interested in seeing how others use them