Apple Far Out Event

A place to discuss Apple’s upcoming September event event and the product launches that follow.

September 7th, 6pm for us in the U.K.

It can be streamed anywhere the Apple TV app is available, on YouTube, or via the Apple website.

As ever, there’s a cool AR thing. Tap the Apple to play with it.


Interesting that they announced it this far ahead! Isn’t it usually a week out?

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Super zoom camera confirmed

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I wish! I’d be upgrading in a heartbeat

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2 weeks. Normal notice period I think

I swear it used to be the week before

Maybe when it was zero in person. Buy this has in person invites


No, this one’s early. Even before covid when it was only ever in person, it was always about a week (excluding wwdc) before that the invites went out.

Two week leads have usually been reserved for the more historic ones. Last time I believe was when they unveiled the watch for the first time.


Thanks for the update

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Green Pro Max*. Thanking you.

*tiny chance of gold

It’s always been this early. That’s what made me say:

As looking back on wayback machine it shows the events for last few years being announced on the 20th-25th

Any chance Apple TV will get updated or a price drop even, resisted buying in apple store on Saturday and Argos tonight, don’t know if I can hold out much longer … I need one lol

Given our current financial predicament and the weakness of the pound against the dollar, if the Apple TV price changes, it’s gonna be higher.


Most likely in the March/April 2023 event

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I can dream, like price drop on the hd if a new model comes out. hd would do me fine.

They’ve had years old equipment sell for launch day price for so long, that’s why I bought the current Apple TV on day one. Apple never drop prices

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You like it?

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Depending which model you’re after, some high street shops will sell them cheaper than Apple directly.

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Is September when they usually update the base iPad?