Apple Peek Performance Event

A place to discuss Apple’s upcoming Spring event and the product launches that follow.

It starts at 6pm and you can watch it in the TV app on your Apple device from 5:50pm or at one of these places:


Sadly as I’m working I’m going to have to have radio silence on social media until 18:30 when I can watch on my break haha


Not sure there’s anything I want from this, still watching though.


Nothing so far that will get me to open my wallet. Not a bad thing though as it’s been a year filled with unexpected expenses so far, and I need to save for the Watch and iPhone!

And I continue to remain unimpressed with Apple’s colour choices. Where did they hide the person who designed the iMac‽

Get your iPhone SE now while it’s incredible value for money.

It’s a shame they’re not updated yearly but I get why.

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M1 Ultra. Thought they wouldn’t go there as it feels quite Samsung branding wise.

More importantly, which Mac is it going in?!

Apple keynotes since they announced Apple Silicon:

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New Mac Mini Pro thing, new Mac Pro all the pro super high studio based hardware.

Green iPhone 13 and pro looks nice

This is crazy spec.

Why do I feel like this display will be even more expensive than Pro Display XDR?

Idk coz this display is the budget one.

No Apple Card :frowning:

I’m sure this is a great keynote for pros who needed even more performance but I’m underwhelmed


So I don’t get the Peek part.

Peak I would get. Top performance etc

Peek implies a sneak peek at something new.

The Mac Pro tease perhaps?

This is just a peek at what’s to come with that.

Also would have loved Apple Card and a new MacBook Air, although not fussed on the colours that have been floating about online

So the Mac Studio + Display is the new iMac Pro.

And they’re not making a low end MacBook Pro.

Maybe. Feels a very weak use of the word peek if so.

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Reading into Apple taglines never ends well


I used to enjoy reading the rabbit hole the macrumors community would go down with those!