Apple Unleashed Event


Tap the Apple for a cool AR experience! Then come back here and speculate!


New Mac stuff.
New AirPods.
Services update

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I reckon

  • Apple TV
  • Mac
  • AirPods with new colours
  • Environment update
  • HomePod
  • AirTag 2
  • New iPhone 13/Pro colours
  • New case colours
  • AirTag colours

No chance of new iPhone colours, Becky.


They normally release more in November/March such as product red etc

It launched in product red.

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New colours and non-flagship updates are typically mid-cycle launches.

IIRC the purple iPhone 12 launched at the end of April this year, and new colours past alongside SE refreshes have typically been in spring too.

I don’t see them getting a new colour so soon after launch. Likewise I don’t see AirTags 2 happening this soon either. Especially as an accessary. I see those being updated about as frequently as the Magic Mouse or the pencil.


Basically anything that requires Apple to have multiple manufacturing lines but won’t increase sales is a no-no

I reckon that’s why they stopped iPhones in so many colours too – it’s too costly to manufacture a bajillion different colours for them to then only sit in stock when not enough people buy it

I presume this one will be primarily Mac focused- new hardware with MacBook Pros, new software with Monterey and new services with Xcode Cloud.

Maybe AirPods too.

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You’re optimistic!

I would say that Apple TV, HomePod, AirTags and new iPhone colours are zero chance.

I’m going

  • New MacBook Pros (14 + 16)
  • New high end iMacs (maybe)
  • Other minor announcements

All I saw was a camera view with a few random blue lines - is that the cool AR experience?

Oh, and some annoying music.

(/me waggles his walking stick in Apple’s direction)

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Walk into the lines!

That doesn’t appear to make any difference. I just walk around seeing the same occasional blue line overlaying the camera view. This is on a 13 Pro Max.

You should see an apple logo and the date of the event fly by you!

Oh right - no, not seeing that. I’m probably holding it wrong™

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I fancy a pair of AirPods Pro, so maybe an update version of those will drop the price of the first gen ones :+1:t3:

:joy: that x marks the spot you’re holding it wrong event is one I’ll never forget! Got a free bumper out of it!

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Working now - not sure what was happening before!

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Hope they announce the M2 MacBooks!

Due to get M something upgrades at work next month so fingers crossed!

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I’ll probably go for the Apple car. If that’s not announced, then I guess a new MacBook.

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