Apple September Event

So with Apple holding their usual September event, what are you hoping for today?

The rumours have been more chaotic than usual, some saying it will be an Apple Watch and iPad-only event. I think as September has always been the iPhone month it would make sense for them to at least tease the phones.

I personally am hoping for a new Apple TV 4K and something big from either iPhone or Apple Watch land.

The new Withings watch seems to do just as much (if not more) as the S5 with longer battery life and a much lower price tag and I can’t lie the new folding Samsung phone has caught my attention. I am trying hard to resist though and hoping Tim Apple has something in store for me

I think 2 hours for refreshes to Watch and iPad Air is stretching it a bit. Especially as with it being an edited video, they can do it without any delay/waiting for nerds to clap. But I don’t expect any mention of iPhone today.

Apple TV and HomePod for me today please!

I wonder if there’ll be any mention of Apple silicon/Arm based Macs?

Yes, I think they need to include more than just the Watch and iPad, two hours is way too long for those

I am not too sure what to expect iPhone-wise but would be happy to see at least a teaser

AirTags could be interesting but ARM Macs are the one thing I’d be least interested in :sleeping:

A teaser for iPhone would keep me happy.

I’m due a new iPad so interested to see what they have in store.

Air Tags (or whatever they’re called) sound interesting but I’m not quite sure if/how I would use them.

A new HomePod might tempt me but so many products lack HomeKit compatibility that I don’t think I’m quite ready to buy one.

I’ve no interest in buying another watch/phone/mac just yet.

Good watch upgrade (slimmer and better battery) would be nice.

Airtags sounding good too.

I’m curious to see how accurate they are.

If I’m supposed to put it in my wallet but it will tell me a 100m radius, that isn’t much help if it’s somewhere busy.

I think there’s supposed to be an AR component to finding it, combined with U1 chips in last year’s iPhones.

EDIT: Knew I hadn’t made that up.

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That’s quite clever with the balloons!

Don’t need one, will probably still get one. I’ll leave it in the car for when I park in a huge car park and can never remember where I am :rofl:

These events are never two hours long. The calendar file is two hours, as a pre-emptive in case they over run, which won’t be happening today. It’ll be over an hour, but not two.

Was hoping someone would start a thread for this. My friends and I always start a huge group chat for these events.

Watch and iPad are locked in, as is Apple One. I suspect we’ll get OS recaps and launch dates for those. The GM betas will drop today. An arm Mac would be a nice announcement but that’s wishful thinking on my part. Some new AirPods would be nice too.

I think the big thing for a lot of people today will be the Apple Watch SE, purely for it’s entry level price point. These things can save lives. A cheaper more accessible version will be welcomed. In terms of value for the price, it won’t be as groundbreaking as the iPhone SE.


Apple won’t compete with the Withings watch because they don’t have to - what’s the market share at the moment, 80%+ in that space? They’ll hopefully improve battery life, and maybe, finally, tweak the form factor but I think the watch falls into the ‘if it ain’t broke’ category so I’d expect little revelation there - a Watch SE is likely to be a naming change for the most part (according to the rumours) big whoop.

FYI - I will be buying the new Watch as I’m on a Series 3 and the battery life is getting unusable.

Same for iPad tbh, not hearing much that amazes me.

The only real space I can see them having is to play with battery/pricing of both. Which brings us to Apple One which will, because Apple, mean a premium price for some things I already have with a bundled set of other things I don’t want so I’ll wait and see.

From what I’ve read the folding ‘phones’ from Samsung and Microsoft are not getting great reviews - well apparently the Microsoft hardware is great but the software is shoddy…

Ohh for a decent ‘one more thing’ which, I guess, might just be a teaser for the new iPhones?

I’ll watch it but can’t say the hardware side of things really gets me all that excited, WWDC was much better this year I thought and with form factors not really changing, the OSes are always gonna be more fun to learn about.

Happy to proven wrong on ALL of this!

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Apple Watch (x2), iPad (x2), HomePod (Mini?), AirTags, and maybe new headphones…
I doubt there’ll be anything iPhone related, but maybe something Apple TV/Apple Pencil related.

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Ahh yeah new headphones, maybe but if they are ‘over head’ ones then no, my AirPods are just fine thanks!

I think they’re going to be the over head ones - the Apple Airpods Studio or whatever.

But then again, today could just a shorter one focussing on watch & iPad.

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Agreed that an Apple TV refresh is overdue.

I think there is a high chance of one being announced today to keep the A series processor in it fairly recent in order to allow for good performance in Apple Arcade, so it would be in Apple’s interest.

Fairly reliable leakers have also been hinting that a new Apple TV is ready to go for months and plenty of code related to it has been uncovered in iOS.

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Completely forgot about Apple TV. How long has it been now? Not really in a hurry to upgrade my gen 4. These products I suspect are meant to have a significantly longer lifespan than most, so fewer refresh cycles.

Apple Card expansion is a potential wild card today, and something I hope for.

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The latest Apple TV was unveiled in September 2017 at the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch event.

It was the first Apple TV 4K.

There is an outside chance they upgrade it, or Apple may wait it out until they can release an 8K model.

Apple Card expansion would be nice, but it would probably be more for the novelty than anything else. They won’t be able to offer the kind of perks they do in the US here, or at least not without heavy subsidy from Apple, and I can’t see them matching American Express in terms of benefits. But the metal card might be an attractive factor.

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I’m looking forward to seeing a new iPad.

It seems to be a watch and iPad only event