Apple April Event

Maybe Siri was wrong? There was no announcement

Only just 9am in California though

Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event Officially Announced for Tuesday, April 20 - MacRumors

Marques Brownlee on Twitter: “Apple 4/20 Event actually confirmed” / Twitter

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Spoke too soon :see_no_evil:

Logo looks like handwriting so will be iPad focused I imagine. I do hope they’ll drop an Apple TV though


Normally is whenever it’s that style however I believe one got realised recently so it’s either a different type of iPad such as a budget one or a high end one.

I’m hoping for air tags tbf that you can track with find my iPhone (however I have no idea how it would work without a data connection)

Apple TV is meh since my tv it self has one built inside it and I’m still rocking the 2012 one

My understanding is that, similar to Tile, they would communicate via every single other iPhone/iPad. So if I leave something in the park, but someone else with iOS walks by, it anonymously pings their phone and then its location will update for me too.

Tile do this via any other tile device, which might work well in a big city, but obviously less good elsewhere. Being able to use the whole iOS network is huge.

However, having said that, I believe all third parties can now utilise the full iOS network too so hopefully Tile and others update and Apple still have some competition with (presumably) better prices.


Is it just me, or do the colour gradients in the logo match up almost identically to the gradient slider mondo use for virtual cards and custom categories?

I presume they symbolise this year’s spring colours for iPhone cases and watch bands.

Looking forward to the new iPad, but this will be a skip year for me. Still in love with my iPad Pro from last year. Airtags I might buy into. If only to stick em onto my pets.

Airtag colours, IPad colours

Its usually something like that, it’s definitely an accessory related colour scheme.

New iPad Pro. These haven’t been updated in a while. :slight_smile:

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They got a whole extra GPU core and a lidar sensor just one year ago!

A year ago, meaning it’s time for an update. :slight_smile:

Might even be new airpods

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Here we go :drum:

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Purple iPhone is back!


Need to see that in £ but AirTag pricing very competitive and maybe even cheaper than Tile :eyes:


I suspect £29. £25 if we’re lucky. Either price is fine with me and I’ll definitely be picking up the 4 pack.


Yeah I’m hoping for £20-25 :crossed_fingers:

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Missed the first few mins but wanna see this podcast app update (visually, not the subscription service itself).

Think it got a bit weird with the most recent large update (around iOS 14?).

New Apple TV 4K :grinning: