Apple Event - March 25th (TV Service?) 🍏📺

(Simon B) #1

Hmmm. What’s this all about then?

(Rika Raybould) #2

Obligatory salty AirPower comment from me.

(Simon B) #3


(Tom ) #4

I pray for the day it actually hits shelves

(Jordan) #5

AirPods v2 maybe?

(Simon B) #6

WIRED says

“It’ll arguably be the company’s most important announcement of the year.”

but y tho

Some kind of Netflix type thing? Bold move.

(Jordan) #7

Didn’t they do an absolute slew of updates in October 18? Last year’s march event was an education event where the 2018 iPad was announced…

Not exactly the biggest announcements from Apple last year…

EDIT: Maybe if they are running with a TV/Entertainment Event we could see some interesting stuff.

They kinda pre-empted this with the tvOS updates last year.

(Jordan) #8

Also can’t help but think, if this is a TV Streaming service, that Spotify has just undercut them by offering Hulu as part of the subscription (US customers only).


Yes, it’s been an open secret for a long time now

There’s been a lot of talk about them being hands on with projects and having very clean standards:

(Tom ) #10

They have already filmed loads of original content and have loads down the line the could be super interesting

(Morgan Perry) #11

Seeing some big names linked to new productions from Apple.

I’m not sure it’ll be taking on Netflix immediately, but if the content is to a good standard and the pricing is competitive, nothing to stop it doing well in the market–much like the success of Music.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #12

The TV app they have now is a massive fail IMO and you should be able to delete it from the ATV 4.

There are too many TV apps out there and Sky/Virgin won’t jump over to Apple to provide a native app.

Too much against then for.