App problems shuts down

Issue: my monzo app is not working. It shuts down itself before opening. I tried reinstalling and restarting my phone.

Details to reproduce: I click on the app it opens on the monzo logo and then shuts down back to home screen
OS: ; 13.3.1
Device: iPhone 7
App Version: 3.22.1

Screenshots: GIF-2020-03-09-21-13-18

Have you recently swapped phones? I believe that the iPhone swap process prevents the app from working properly.

Either way this looks like it needs a reinstall.

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I didn’t swap phone :sob: and I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarting my phone and is not working :frowning:

Try this:

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Thank you so much for the suggestion. I tried and still is not working :frowning:

Have you called or emailed Monzo for help? Generally a reinstall of the app fixes these issues and you’re probably at the limit now as to how much we can help :cry:

While you’re getting to the bottom of your issue there is that will allow you to do the basics :slight_smile:

Some things I’d try:

  1. Try connecting with WiFi turned off
  2. If you have any security apps enabled, or keyboard overlays, disable them
  3. Uninstall the app, restart your phone, then reinstall the app (in this order)
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Has your Monzo app worked before on your current device?

If it has, do you currently use a VPN for internet access? If you do, disable the VPN and try again…

Did that work or not?

Hi my account is no work my online banking and I can’t take kash from mashin what shall I do?

Can u please help me with my account so what I need to do with ho need to contact or where I can go

Contact in app chat or phone the number on the back of your card

I do is no work the se is no sam number and email

I don’t understand what you mean about the phone and email

Phone number is on the back of your card. The email is

Yes I call them but the said is no same

Could you use google translate because I’m still not sure what you mean

I can open my online banking and I can’t take kash

Can you do bank transfers or pay in shops? Is it just cash machines that are the problem?

No I try to pay is no go try

I’m sorry but I can’t understand you

If it’s just cash then check the cash machine has a MasterCard logo
If it’s everything then it could be your account is blocked. You’ll need to contact Monzo again

Have you frozen the card by accident?