Monzo App closes itself on my phone


Recently I have updated to a new firmware on my phone (ZUK Z2) and since then the Monzo app has force closed. I am not able to access it at all, a black screen comes up and then a second later disappears. I am wondering whether anyone knows a solution to this? I’ve tried both the beta and stable builds from the play store.]


you could try deleting the app, turning your phone off, turning your phone on , reloading the app, using the correct registered email address.

If that doesnt work either email, or tweet @monzo

I’ve tried all that, thanks for the help thuogh. I will email the help email address in that case

I would suggest going into Application Settings, finding the Monzo app in there and clearing the cache in there and then launch the app again.

I have exactly the same problem since last night… Re-installed the app, re-loaded the phone, cleared cache, doesn’t help…

Can you try the newest update? That should fix your issue :slight_smile: