Monzo app not working iPhone 8

Monzo app not working for 5 days now. tried everything. restart phone. unnistall and re install app several times. update phone software. please help!

what error message are you getting?

What were you doing when it stopped working?

Every time I click on the app the logo shows up on the blue background and just freezes or kicks me out after a few seconds.

I cannot get past that.


You may need to reset the phone.

did you reinstall it from the cloud or the app store? if you dont do the app store that can break it

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You mean reset the phone to its original/factory settings?

Yes that’s what I meant,

But first try what Rat_au_van said, uninstall the app, reboot and install monzo from the app store , not iCloud.

If that doesn’t work then I’d suggest a reset on the phone.

Has the Monzo app worked properly on this device in the past?
(Worked as in, it logs you in as a verified user and you can see your account(s), Summary and Profile/Settings?

Yes, perfectly, never had problems with it before.

Is the sound on?
Does your camera work?
Does the iPhone have access to the internet via WiFi/mobile data?

More things to check here;