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I’m curious what other people think here. I’ve been using Starling as a 2nd account for a few things. Now that I’ve got used to their app, the Monzo one suddenly feels a bit thrown together.

Payee management is pretty poor. For example, I can’t see payees in alphabetical order. Just the order I last paid them in.

Then there’s the settings menu. It seems to be a dumping ground for whatever won’t quite fit anywhere else. For example it contains Terms & Conditions, account number & sort code, the bank address & Statements.
Personally I think they shot themselves in the foot by getting rid of the hamburger menu, so now they have to cram everything into 4 or 5 tabs.

Monzo does seem to be a bit more forward thinking. For example, displaying your transaction animations on the main feed, and the use of hashtags. They are also better at communication. But I must confess I’m starting to feel that the app lacks the polish I tend to expect from a professional outfit.


They’re going to sort out the settings menus and general layout. But they need to finish the big list first before they can look at that

(It was in a Q&A)


That’s good. I don’t suppose you have a link?

I’m unsure what Q+A it was part of but maybe @Rat_au_van knows :slight_smile:

I remember reading / hearing about it too

I knew you’d ask that :cold_sweat:

Give me time, can’t remember who it was

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Think this is the latest on the menus etc


I was all happy I’d found it but you beat me :sob:

It’s a good Q&A, well worth reading all of it



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totally agree!

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Eh I think the tabs are pretty great for the main areas of the app. They’re obvious and the things you most often need access too. It makes it immediately obvious for new users.

Having said that I wouldn’t mind it for settings and so on.

I’d love for more uniformity and standardized elements within the app though. I feel like there’s some meaningful attempts at this but then some parts feel a bit too functional and prototype-y. International payments for instance.

It’s odd because Monzo as a company have this great personality and the app, at the moment, seems a bit confused and lacking in character in areas.

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I think I’ve read that this was done to aid discovery - I’ll see if I can find the relevant thread.


Edit 2:
Same link as @glasgow posted earlier :+1:

I don’t personally like Monzo layout (even the new layout) it’s very basic and not very clean looking. I’ve been looking at other banks and have to say I like the fonts and design of TSB and also the feature of “Think Money” app where you have a balance and a section at the side which automatically tells you what bills money totals. Abit like hsbc “after bills payment”. I definitely think Monzo need to copy a few of these details. I know Monzo has pots and automatic bill sorter but I hate seeing double transactions coming in and out of my main account with the words “transferred to pot” . It makes my statement look awful with contacts credits and debits to pots when I have direct debits. Would be the best banking experience and appearance in the UK as this is why people are choosing starling as the app is clear and clean looking

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