Struggling to launch app

Hi, I am really struggling to launch the app on my phone, I’ve done all the re-launches, reboots etc but it just won’t launch from the page I get taken to from the activation email. Considering Monzo alternatives of this can’t be fixed easily. Thanks

What Phone & Operating system are you using? Have you tried deleting the app & reinstalling it?

Additionally, can you confirm what your seeing as the flow? You click the link in the email & get taken where?

  • Delete all your monzo emails
  • Delete the app
  • Restart your phone
  • Reinstall the app
  • Make sure you open the most recent email from Monzo and you open this email on the same device that you have the app installed on.

Is this on the iOS 14 Beta?


Thanks for replying so quickly. I am on an iPhone 8+ runninng version 13.7.

I follow the link from the eMail which opens a screen with the Monzo logo and the instruction to “tap the button below on your mobile device to sign in to Monzo” below this is a blue “Launch Monzo” box / button. I click this and apart from the processing icon at the top of the screen, nothing happens. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, I have check updates, I have rebooted but this problem has remained exactly the same.



Hi Jim,

Make sure you are installing the app from the app store, not from iCloud backups.

Also are you on the iOS 14 beta?

It says I am on 13.7

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