App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣


Not gonna lie, I’m not sure that the app card colour should change to match the physical card now.

Sunshine yellow :sunshine: - beautiful in person, not sure about its representation there.

Premium grey, however, they’ve really nailed in this design.


The 2022 summer ‘limited edition’ cards - Sunshine Yellow, Disco Pink, Juicy Green (in no particular order) - generated a huge amount of hype.

But now I can’t wait to get back to my metal white. 2.5 years to go & counting :mantelpiece_clock: :soon:


Can you not just go back? Cancel Premium, immediately resubscribe and choose the metal card?

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:thinking: Let me explore a little…

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This is what Premium looks like. For once, I think it looks the best.


Agreed with the white card.

But only when you also have the Hot Coral JA card in there for the proper #angst



The tea leaves seem to be saying hot coral on white for joint accounts in the new year.

although maybe (or maybe not) only if you’re in the US


(US) Never wear white after labor day.

Unless it’s a bonkers-monzo-JA-card :ok_hand:


Looking back on this, I still can’t help but think that the Premium card should have "PREMIUM” on it the same way that Flex is on that card. It’d help the vertical alignment, too. It feels a bit too far south without the subheading pushing it up…


The “white” is the same colour there pretty much as the business account.

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Is that just another card in the stack? Looks a bit more grey…

After a closer look yes it does seem more grey. Maybe premium needs to be a little more whiter :sweat_smile:

Premium looks a type of grey in your pic.

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Yeah I think business lite is medium grey (pro is dark grey?), Premium is off white and the mock of a US joint account card is white with hot coral text (which might just be an abandoned design concept or something to start the conversation).

Feels weird it doesn’t say “business” under yours. Assuming that it’s a business card, right?

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Yeah my business account I never used :upside_down_face:

It’s a nice card tbf, and I seen the US JA card :heart:

If they resolved the JA issue here I’d probably move ours after Starling locking me out tonight :tired_face:

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Green for the win :innocent:

No big thoughts yet, and most of them have been beautifully covered by @Peter_G, but my god what a day!!

I have not been blessed by Targets yet but I am loving the new Home Screen and very excited to get back to budgeting in Monzo (my YNAB free trial ends tomorrow and it wasn’t really working for me so hoping I get Targets soon as a perfectly timed Christmas present!) !


Just one other thing.

The latest activity feed widget showing three items needs changing.

It shows upcoming direct debits, but as a result it never shows any current transactions as I have so many upcoming direct debits they get pushed off.

It either needs to show all of todays activity up to 3, and upcoming direct debits, or not show upcoming direct debits at all.

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I think I need more info on this


The tea leaves are over-egging it. We just know that the US is getting a different joint account design. Nothing final yet.


Why does the US get all the goodies? (Okay that’s a bit of a dramatic overstatement seeing what happened on the forum this week)


@davidwalton burner account confirmed :joy:

Seriously, though, I think the US is an excellent addition. They’ve got some really experienced folk working for them and are still in start-up mode so they have the bandwidth to do extra stuff we no longer get in the UK.

This is a long way of saying that maybe the UK will get new designs too?

Also, I wonder if there are any US users around to feed back on the new home screen?