App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

With the add button on top you are able to create pots, add connected accounts etc, maybe also have the option to create virtual cards?

& since you have the add button at the top, the additional create pot and add another account options become redundant.


This would be excellent. +1 from me! Or if “card details” merged virtual and physical cards and you could create virtual cards from in there?

I’m not sure about that. It’s good to have redundancy in the design - although the connected accounts view is still the old one bolted on so that’s gotta change, surely?


What a lot of lovely feedback to come into this morning, thank you all!

Super interesting to hear all your thoughts, keep it coming :blush:.


Another minor annoyance, not sure if it’s mentioned within this topic but I’ve only skim read the latest posts

So I start off with this view, of the cards / accounts all collapsed

I then expand that selection to view them all

To collapse that view back down, I have to scroll down the view until they’re out of sight and then scroll back up for it to collapse. Ideally would like it up collapse just by clicking on it.


No ……… I love my left to spend!


The Latest Activity feed shown after selecting “See All” is crying out for :mag_right:


I really don’t like this. Accidentally stumbled across it yesterday just as it went live.

I’m all for change, but I live off the main pot list screen and it’s gone completely. Big thumbs down.

And I don’t see the benefit of having the joint and personal transactions merged.

This is awful.


It’s not awful. You just don’t like it.


Is Add Money and Move Money an AB test? Seems some have different options.

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Feeling like it might be those with joint accounts have move and those without have add?

ah fair enough, the more I’ve used it in the past 24 hours, the more pointless ‘Add Money’ feels, and a quicker and easier way to initiate a payment would feel a better use of that button space, otherwise I like a lot of it, and that @Peter_G post is a thing of beauty with his list of things that could be revised.


Another bit of feedback. The double use of “do more with Monzo” seems overkill. Could they just not be one section?

As a general thought it’s too much and too messy for me, personally. I loved on the old screen how you could “at a glance” see your total across pots and in each account.

That seems hard to do here, I have to scroll and look.

Looking forward to the second iteration


This is already recorded in the parity wiki (I think by me) but this splash screen on iOS references hiding connected accounts in legacy view, which is something you can’t do on iOS!



The future really is now, but are we ready for it? :smiley:


Whereas I do, so there is at least a difference of opinions

Most of my active spending (shopping, travel, cheeky pint) is on the joint account and things like direct debits come from my personal account. They both reduce my balance, but it results in me shuttling (or most of the time not) between the two

Hi @emmag
I don’t think there is anything new here as I’ve made some of these points already, and some have been made by others, so it’s just a summary of my current musings. I must say though, this is sterling work and just needs a little tweaking and the ability to customise / order widgets for it to be perfect for me!


Accounts & Pots (+Add)

I like that this section contains only my Monzo accounts.

The mini cards show “Move Money” as an option, but “Payments” is probably my most used option.I hardly move money between my joint and personal accounts, but make payments regularly.

The vertical dot menu should really have the option to create pots/saving pots for personal/joint accounts.

The (+Add) button is misleading. I thought it was to add an account to the widget. but contains create pot/saving pot options that IMO should be located in the pots section and in the vertical dot menu on each account. The other option to add connected account seems misplaced too as connected accounts are much lower down on the overview screen. There is no context here…

Do we need an Accounts & Pots section heading at all ? just a small Monzo Accounts heading would suffice for me…

Last Activity

I like that this is a global feed!
I would like to be able to customise the number of items shown, up to 10 items perhaps.
Maybe there should be a settings cog for configurable widgets?

The See All feed page needs a search function; ideally encompassing accounts / dates / payees / references / notes / text / tags / amounts. something simple but powerful!

Maybe consider turning accounts on/off at the top of the feed. micro-micro cards that can be toggled on/off… I don’t really like the account selection lists used in trends :expressionless:


I like the horizontal scroll here, which says a lot as I am not keen on HZ scrolling usually!
The order of the pots is odd? based on date created maybe? with no segregation of personal and join pots. From my personal perspective I’d be happy to have personal pots first, followed by joint pots, but there is also case for having separate personal pots and joint post widgets. This would also provide totals for personal and joint pots separately which I think is a must; even if its a one liner on top of existing widget… Pots - Personal £9,999.99 Joint £9,999.99

The option to create a pot at the end of the horizontal carousel is okay but not consistent with other widgets (maybe as its a horizontal list?) which seem to use an always visible “Add” option at the bottom of a horizontal list.

Other Accounts

Largely ok, although this section doesn’t have the visual flair of the Monzo account section. After selecting an account, the HOME button should return to the overview. At the moment it drops into the old account card carousel.

The “Add another Account” option at the bottom of the list looks nice with the card stack on the left hand side; but all these options to add stuff should be consistent. Do we use the title bars to add ? or the last item on a carousel? or the last item in a list? or an option in a vertical dot menu? It’s not always clear… My preference would be to have highly visible actions that are used consistently across each section.

Virtual Cards

Seems a bit lost here… The title has no icon, there is no option to Add a new one.
Do we need virtual cards grouped at all? as they are related directly to accounts or pots and could be accessed from there. If we do need them here, maybe the horizontal carousel used for pots may be suitable to display them in a consistent manner. Maybe all cards (physical / virtual ) could be grouped and managed from this location?


Is this title needed? We don’t have one for savings for instance…


I don’t have one, so really do not need to see anything here. It is taking space, pushing my mortgage details further down…
I feel that the options shown “Get a long with Monzo” and “See if you can save on borrowing” should be under “Do more with Monzo” and the loan section should only be shown if I have loans with Monzo or someone else … I say someone else as it would be superb if Monzo could incorporate loan details from TransUnion in the same way that mortgage details have been added.


This is likely to be a persons largest borrowing and should maybe come before loans?
The “Add another mortgage” option is similar to the “Add another account” option under connected accounts but the plus icon does not have the same flair…

Do more with Monzo

The two do more with monzo sections should be merged.
Maybe it should be a condensed list which expands when selected as it largely contains options that I do not need to access on a daily basis… This would reduce the amount of visual clutter on the overview screen.


Is noticeably absent from the overview. this is not something I use daily, but it is a big part of Monzo so should really be present and visible. I feel that the front page should include global trends for selected accounts and pots. I’d be happy to see micro graphs for balance, spending by category and targets which lead to the full screen trend view when clicked.


Ah, the perils of picking the wrong colour. I’m still loving my disco pink card


Definitely agree with this, especially if it is going to become a master feed and therefore where I imagine I would spend most of my time as there would no longer be a reason to check current account feed then various credit card feeds individually.

And just on this, I am sure it’s been considered given the many references to allowing customisation, but will definitely want the ability to choose accounts for this feed!

And does this mean we would get (at least) notes/tags for connected account transactions @emmag (and hopefully bill splitting etc too)? Would be sad to have transactions all together but some still less featured.

For me (iOS testflight 5.5.0), this seems to be the same order as on the carousel / the old home screen list view.


Another small point about the quick access menu.

On the current account, there’s an option for Statements, which takes you straight to the monthly statements screen.

But there are other statements: Statement of Fees and Interest Statements. It would be good to have access to all three of those from one page (maybe by tweaking the existing monthly statement page?)

While I’m on statements, it’d be great to have a similar shortcut for the Flex card (and other relevant options like Manage Accounts, shortcut to card details etc).


Ok, I’ve used this for a day and I’m afraid to say that I don’t really like it :disappointed:

First, it’s just not that useful. The screen shows my balance, which is useful, but that’s about it. I don’t need a picture of my face, an upgrade offer, a refer a friend icon, constant reminders of my sort code and account number, or a third of the screen given over to creating a new pot.

The recent transactions could be useful but isn’t. This morning it showed 2 upcoming direct debits and an Amazon purchase from last night. Now it shows the same 2 upcoming DDs but also my lunch purchase - though not the coffee I bought this morning.

I really like the Left to Spend graphic showing my spending vs how far through the month we are, and it’s a shame that this isn’t visible on the new screen.

The next point may be a bug, but my app keeps bringing me back to the new screen. Open app :arrow_right: see the new screen :arrow_right: click my account to get to the card carousel screen / the feed :arrow_right: view a transaction :arrow_right: click “back” and I end up back at the new screen. “Back” should take me back to my feed, surely?

My ideal front screen is the feed, with all my recent transactions, my balance, and the Left to Spend graphic… This latest update feels a long way removed from that.