App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Just a thought, but is the “Move Money” option on the account cards driven by research?

It’s one of the most least functions I access, yet has such a prominent position. Personally I would prefer to see “Payments” which I think is one of my most used functions…


This is fantastic on multiple levels! Firstly, it’s a thoughtful rethinking of Monzo as it is in 2022, not as it was in 2016. Brilliant. I know you’re still working on improvements but this is immediately better and seems like a great foundation to build on. Secondly, it’s great to see the use of Labs and community involvement. Really loving this. (And appreciate it’s happened with the Mortgage feature too!)

My initial thought is that this overview reduces a lot of friction and makes it quicker to find the information I want or jump to what I need to do (transfer, view transaction detail, etc) without jumping about between accounts and lots of taps. Two things that I’d like to see:

  • Ability to reorder sections (I realise this is already planned).

  • Ability to specify a longer transaction feed. Opening straight to the transaction feed is one of the things I love about Monzo, as most of the time that’s what I want to see without having to tap around. So in my ideal I’d put the list of transactions at the top with 6–8 transactions showing.

    • Bonus: would be great to be able to have multiple feed widgets, being able to specify which accounts are included separately for each one.

Other than that I’m looking forward to leaving the Overview on and seeing what it’s like to live with day-to-day. Thanks for everyone’s great work!


Some additional thoughts.

upgrade button i like this. But, if you go to plus it turns to a star instead which seems unnecessary.

parcel would love to know how many signups this actually drives. It’s in the way in my humble opinion.

account “slider Please consider being able to horizontally swipe between accounts, it’s one of the things I love most about the card UI. I was expecting to be able to switch between personal and business.

Also, in First Direct (and I appreciate this is an iOS specific thing) you can long press and do quick actions such as view statements etc. I think it could be a good thing to do here.

I’m not sure what value the “accounts and pots” text has. Surely that is self explanatory.

add button feels a little out of place here, but I appreciate these options probably have to go somewhere.

add money still feels like a pre-paid card to me. Consider move money

Other comments around hiding pots and moving things around sound cool. As do the insights you referred to sooner.

Also, please bring back some kind of left to
Spend bar to show how much of your budget is left. Would be really cool!


What transactions does the “see all” feed show? I only see main card transactions and not any virtual card/flex/pot transactions. I know connected account transactions are “envisaged” but wasn’t sure what Monzo account transactions are currently in this feed.

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This is great work. What a great couple days it’s been (and I’ve not got all of the features yet)! I’m no Peter G so my feedback will be in bits and bobs.

  • Pots are in a weird order. Some PA then some JA then some PA again.
  • The account widgets behave not as expected. I’m not keen on the pull to refresh in this view to minimise the widgets.
  • I’d like to see more transactions than 3
    Amazing work!

Okay, I’ve recovered from All The Good Things, the internet is back on and I’m out of the darkened room.

So here’s the post you’ve been dreading / waiting for. Buckle in, it’ll be a long one!

Firstly this is amazing. Excellent transparency and working in the open, but the product is beautiful, shows such promise, and I love the direction you’re going in. As @jzw95 says, it’s clear that this is a thoughtful and considered rethinking on Monzo in 2022.

Well done to everyone involved. It’s really great. Monzo really has its mojo back and engine running.

So, my thoughts and feedback! In no particular order:

1. It’s pretty snappy at loading, but I get this a lot in the top left:

(alt text: updating spinner from the top left of the screen).

My app is pretty slow generally (mostly in swiping through Trends and sometimes a couple of seconds delay in adding transactions to the feed) so I don’t know if it’s a this screen thing, or a general Monzo app thing (I fear I might be one of the heaviest users so might be experiencing an early slow-down due to volume of data).

2. I really like the overall design - the settings, referrals and edit buttons look much better in this design. It’s super nice.

3. “Accounts & Pots” - I kinda agree that the headline isn’t needed. But also (nitpicking time) the alignment feels off. The text is aligned with the “monzo” in the cards below, whereas I feel like it ought to be to the left edge of the card. It’s disproportionately bugging me. :joy:

4. I love the Add Button… …but it’s confused me a bit. I read it as adding accounts to the cards at the top (I have two, one for Flex one for Premium). I inititially thought that I’d be able to add in connected accounts here too, but selecting connected accounts here was to add them in the list below through the standard flow. Love the idea, though!

5. I also love the new ‘cards’ that aren’t cards. Getting rid of the skeuomorphic EMV cards was totally the right call. And the design here looks so so lovely (I’d actually like the navy Flex with small hot coral Eastenders as the physical card, but I digress). I kinda understand why you might want to divide Monzo from non-Monzo accounts, but I’d really like selected connected accounts up there, too. Either individually, or cards to represent groups (so my credit cards together, or my savings accounts). I’d also want (just one) pot up there (see below).

6. I might need to reprogramme myself, but I after tapping the Flex card to expand it, I keep wanting to tap it again to stack it again. In my head, a quick double tap would take me to Flex, a gap before the second tap would restack. I also keep trying to pull them down to separate them (or push them up to stack them).

7. I love the elipsis quick actions menu! But a few small things - the “Fee-free allowances” option takes us to a screen called “Fees and allowances” (which is probably the more correct name?). And that screen is missing cash deposit allowances (which is under a different “Limits and Allowances” screen with other stuff in that you get to from the Manage tab in the old card carousel view).

8. Card details (in the quick actions menu) is counter-intuitive for me especially as you have Virtual Cards below. I know it’s not been properly redesigned yet, but I kinda want to have one place for all of my cards (current account virtual, current account physical, Flex virtual, Flex physical :eyes:). Or if I select it from the quick action menu on the current account card, to just have that same view filtered for that account.

9. I find myself wanting to see interest rates in the home screen. I know that Monzo Premium pays 1.5% (also: boo). And I just about remember the rate for connected accounts. It’d be good for the Monzo ones to self populate and be surfaced somewhere on this main screen (or two taps away max), and for me to be able to input the rate for connected accounts (and mortgages).

10. Strong agree that Add Money should be Move Money. This would be lovely if there was a little pop-up that lets us select the account/pot origin and destinations and move money directly from that screen. And a little shortcut for new payees, standing orders etc.

11. Separate sections for upcoming transactions and latest activity please :pray: By definition, future transactons aren’t really latest activity (cos they ain’t happened yet, innit). So a new section for them would be swell (which would hopefully be much more powerful if we can ever create future transactions / have Monzo predict incoming moneys etc). And notifications (like “Overview enabled in Labs”) are still in this feed. I’d love a separate section for this, too, if we could. Perhaps the bell icon we saw in early designs for the card carousel layout that stored previous notifications?

12. And could latest activity be scrollable? This might break the design, but it’d be kinda cool if it could vertically scroll the same way that pots horizontally scroll. If that’s not possible, think I’m in the camp of a couple more lines, or limit to current day/week/month transactions, maybe?

13. The pull-down gesture for the old design doesn’t work. I know you’ve glued together the old and new designs, but it feels a bit weird to me to not be able to do that. Could it at least take us back to the new Overview screen? The Home button doesn’t take us there :frowning:

14. Back to the cards up top, can we have “PREMIUM” under Monzo for the current account - the same way we have “FLEX” under the wordmark for that product? I just think it’d look neat… Only for Premium customers, though (obvs).

15. Can we tap on the sort code and account number to copy them? I’ve tried to do that a few times…

16. Flex really needs a feed! I know I’ve been banging on about that for a bit, but this design really exposes the lack of one. (At the risk of being boring and repetitious, I think there are actually two products - a Monzo credit card (the Flex virtual card) and the BNPL product (when you flex credit card or debit card transactions). But I digress…

17. I love the Pots horizontal scroller! But two things - one of my pots looks like it’s stuck continually loading (circular loading icon on it). What gives?! And more importantly, I’d kinda like to promote my Bills Pot to the top cards. That way, the current account is my spending account, the Bills pot is my commited spend account. They feel equal and opposite in the way that other pots aren’t.

18. I’m not sure about the Other Accounts section. It’s nice, but it looks a bit like a copy/paste (which is totally understandable - this is a test after all!). I’d like to have the quick action elipsis on those accounts too (to get into the features that are in the blue “Manage” and “Refresh” pills in the old view). I’m no designer, but I’d be happy to lose the skeuomorphic cards to make space on the right hand side next to the balance section. Maybe a smaller version of the logo instead?

20. And maybe could we break up “Other Accounts” into savings, credit and current accounts? That would work well with the Borrowing section below - and subtotals against each account type would be fab-u-lous!

21. Back up top, I keep thinking that latest transactions relate to the two cards under Accounts & Pots which they kinda do at the moment (more or less). But if they become a master feed, then I think the hierarchy might be off (it feels like a subset of the data of the accounts shown above at the moment).

22. Make “virtual cards” just “cards”! I’ve said this already, but this would be lovely if it covered all physical and virtual cards issued by Monzo. I think it’s just legacy reasons why they’re separate - there’s no first principle reasons to split them, surely? Oh, and there’s a missing icon for (Virtual) cards - all other similar titles have one!

23. Can we have passive provision for net worth somewhere please? Nuff said :joy:

24. The space at the top (to the right of your avatar) needs a balance… Again I am not a designer but I wonder if there’s space for an additional widget up top that you could swipe through different balances to pick the one that works for you? They could be: a) net worth (everything added up), b) current account only (with or without pots), c) Budget (from Targets), d) Safe/Left/Free to Spend. The one you choose would then be the default for when you come back to the screen and, as you scroll up, pops up and sits in the space at the top to the right of your avatar. (I know I’ve described a solution rather than a need, but go with me, I’m tired!)

Phew, that was quite the post.

But again, this is really excellent work. I was rereading some of my posts from the beginning of the year where I was critical of Monzo’s delivery pace and quality. No longer. This (and mortgage cards / Trends) are really top-notch and world class. Long may it continue!

PS Thanks for sticking with this epic post. Wait for the inevitable follow-up where I change my mind or realise I’ve missed something!


Potential bug alert :rotating_light:

On iOS - scroll to a transaction in the feed, you get a brief glimpse of the overview screen (as a screenshot shows) and the back button takes you to the overview not the transaction feed.

Monzo really need to pay you for these posts


I fear that that would mean that a) the quality of my posts would need definite improvement, and b) then they wouldn’t be able to file them in the “rantings of an idiot” category :joy:

(But thank you. Very kind).


Does that pot have a goal? If so it’s meant to show you how close are to it


Mega doh

(All the thank yous :joy:)


Why haven’t we had a flash poll?! :joy:

  • This is an upgrade - I’m keeping this switched on
  • I’ve tried it but I hate it. I’ve gone back to the card carousel.
  • I’ve gone back while it’s iterated and bugs are squished.
  • I haven’t tried it.

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I have to say, seeing this level of interaction on the forum from Monzo is super nice. I did think we were past those days (understandably, given scale of growth).

Looking forward to seeing how this iterates over time, there’s some real potential here.


Here’s a thought. Imagine that…

  • “Transfer money” is added to the shortcut menu on the new cards, and takes you to the payments screen
  • There’s a new widget at the top of the page where you can scroll through Spending/Targets/Balance graphs (or tap to be taken to Trends proper)
  • You get help as a ? Icon in the top right of the screen

… can the bottom tabs go bye bye?

  • Yes, they must go!
  • No, that’s too much change!
  • I’m undecided.

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don’t take my home button away!


I voted ‘Yes…’, but there’s still that pesky Plus/Premium nav tab at the centre of the bottom nav bar.


Oh, assume that’s been nuked. Anything that’s not got a home is found one from the new homescreen…

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In other news, if anyone with joint or business accounts, or a Monzo loan, wants to show us what those look like in the new design, I’d be terribly grateful! :pray:


It’s the same with the pill design just in grey. I haven’t used my business account yet so not much else to tell.

New ‘Overview’ with Joint Account example (with Flex too):

‘Loans’ seem to still be in the land of ‘connected accounts’…:

Now off to charge me battery!