App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

I also want to me able to see if I have additional income one month (beyond standard salary) that I can spend more than normal. Target doesn’t allow for this (and wouldn’t expect it to in its current form).

I think just having a RAG on the ‘Left to Spend’ spotlight would sort it to be honest. I’ll wait in anticipation :grin:


Starling once said the same about their spaces. Suffice to say, I couldn’t recreate the Pokédex in Starling because they cut me off at 100.

I’ll hold you to it and put it to the test. Once you have Chase supported, (assuming that implies no limit to the amount of connected accounts you can have) I can probably get about 50ish accounts in here if I start installing all the apps and connecting every single open bank account and credit card I have.


I can’t tell if you’re joking or not here :rofl: 50 accounts?!

I don’t know why this is so complicated. @jaisullivan - I get you.



The old graphic is clearly much more informative.


Monzo really needs to change the nomenclature related to left to spend. I always have difficulty knowing if someone is talking about the balance one or the target one.

Perhaps call the balance one “safe to spend” and call the target one “left in budget” (or similar).


I’m ballparking. It’s probably more actually.

Every currency you have in Revolut is one account. I have many. I’m assuming each individual Chase account and saver will be its own thing too. As I’m getting ready to move everything from Monzo to them, I now have 11 accounts there.

I’ve got a few with Barclays. Got several with RBS. Got at least one with most high street banks, and a bunch of credit cards too.


Fair play! I’m still noticing that some connected accounts won’t allow you to select all account types eg. NatWest says it’s current account, savings etc. but when I go through the auth it only allows me to select current account.

Assuming that’s NatWest’s end rather than Monzo.


Just went and checked Revolut via Monzo’s connected accounts and it seems vaults are the own individual things as well. Got 4 of those all called Test. Don’t remember making them :joy:

But yeah, Revolut, I’ve got 23 boxes I can tick to connect to Monzo.

Out of interest what problem are you trying to solve by showing this many accounts? The idea behind pinned accounts is that you should have quick access to your day to day accounts and other useful information (transactions, pots, etc.) nearby so that you can open the app and get a glance at all your accounts. Then the accounts you use less often are out of the way and need a scroll to get to, e.g. I’ve got a Starling one that I very rarely use here and it would just add noise to me if I pinned it to the top

Oh. None. You just said I can have as many as I want. That’s my sole purpose for wanting to try to pin as many as I can.

For my actual use, I like just having my Monzo current account there and nothing else. So this isn’t a feature that’s generally useful for me.

Separate budgets per account? I’m not at all sure that I want to try and budget across all my accounts… I want to track a select few of them individually…


Fair enough. Just to give a bit of context as to one of the reasons why we add limits to things like categories, pots, etc. it’s because adding tons of them can lead to some pretty significant network delays which overall makes the experience worse for you. We’ve not had a need to do this on external accounts so far AFAIK, but it’s worth noting that the more you add the slower it’ll be to get up to date info when you open the app

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I have target set and I get this, which is a mix of the two? Gives you the RAG and the bar?


I really miss this too! I’ve never quite managed to make targets work for me. I pay my bills etc when my income comes in, so the money in my main Monzo pot is my ‘left to spend as I see fit’ for the month - the burn down bar is what I use to visualise if I’m spending too much/on track.


That’s targets. It’s a different number and different calculation.

It’s one I never got on with.

With LTS, my balance drifts down through the month. If I go on holiday and spend a bit more, the bar goes red, I transfer money from my savings account and LTS sorts it out. Same if I buy an iPhone, service my car, buy a series of Christmas presents, etc. If I have no spare cash, I know I need to keep the bar reasonably green.

I genuinely don’t know how I’d make that work with targets. Do you exclude all holiday transactions from the target? Or raise/lower the target to take account or non routine spending?

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I raise the target if I have a big spend that month, but otherwise I have it fairly regular, so I’ll exclude bills/fuel/income.

This is the only one from trends that I’ve managed to get working for me

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And then separately, are you using another budgeting tool to make sure you have enough in the current account for fuel, bills, etc? I guess you do that with bill pots? Or just by having extra cash in the current account?

I found LTS just did it all. It was simple and I really liked it.

The latest update has been crap for people that use the account like i did. Honestly, my preference for the monzo app interface was the reason I didn’t move everything over the Chase for cashback when they launched, but the balance has tipped the other way and it’s time to try something else.

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Overall, I’m a big fan of the new home view - It helps me get a better overview of my finances across more than just Monzo. Having used it for a while, I have some thoughts…

Credit Cards
I have 4 connected credit cards in Monzo, which I use for different things. I like to have visibility of my spending in one place, having previously used Money Dashboard for this, Monzo pretty much replaces that. Monzo knows that these are credit accounts, it also knows my credit limit for each card. But on the account view it choses to display each differently. As per Flex, I would like to see my available credit for each card shown.

I would also like to see ‘Flex and Credit Cards’ become it’s own section, outwith accounts - perhaps giving me an used vs total available credit visual (similar to several credit score apps) to see my overall credit usage.

This seems so over complicated. I’d like to see the ability to have a ‘Monzo savings’ account that gives me interest, within which I can have multiple pots. And show my pots (from Current account and Saving account) together in a common ‘Pots’ section. I like the new ability to see my total interest in one place (useful for tax), and my various savings accounts, but not at the detriment of my other pots.

I currently have 2 main savings pots (the ‘x months salary in case I’m made redundant’ pot and the ‘saving for a rainy day/holiday’ pot) with not insignificant balances. I also have a scattering of smaller ‘short term’ pots where I set money aside for things. Why should one pot earn interest and the others not? Why should I combine them for the ease of keeping my money instant access within Monzo? It seems illogical.

Similar to the credit cards above, Monzo also identifies my external savings account (Virgin Money) - please show this as an account connected to the savings section. Even better, include the interest I make there (you already identify it in my transactions) in your ‘Interest earned’ calculations.

Credit score
I’d love to see my credit score as a spotlight tile.

Please let me connect external investment providers! Nutmeg/Freetrade would be excellent - it’s the one last thing that Money Dashboard gave me a good overview of…

Not sure if any of these points resonate with anybody else - but it’d be great to hear your thoughts!


Yup, just with pots. What I leave in my account is my target amount too.

I have a bills/fuel pot, and then also exclude these categories too.

I don’t really need the target as such, because whatever is in my account is there for spending, my bills/fuel money is in a pot.

Very soon to me means less than one week :eyes:

Also noticed that we now don’t say “sort accounts” it says edit layout, but feels a little weird that the same button/icon now operate two different things for sorting accounts and customising page layout? Unless these somehow come together once the update is brought through, will hold judgement for now!