App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Ooh - connected accounts at the top, nice :clap:

I’m guessing you can re-order too. The million-dollar question is can you have more than 3?


Yes and yes and lots more


Go on … HOW MANY?! :stuck_out_tongue: :eyes:

As many as you like


:eyes: I would like zero cards at the top… muahahaha.


Ok that’s not possible right now. Out of interest what would you want instead, them all in the small list style below?

I was mostly joking, but just wondering whether people who have one card - ie, just current account - may see usage in not having the card visible at the top, and instead jumping straight in with the transaction list (which in future we can add more transactions to) etc. :thinking:


Left to spend is visible in Spotlight for me.

This shows me the balance after upcoming bills are taken into account.

Ermmmm, Yeah!!!

That’s the ‘target’ left to spend based on the budget set in target, rather than your remaining account balance.

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Not for me. Left to spend in Trends is what I have once all committed spend is gone. Based on the balance in my personal account.

I don’t use / have any targets in Trends.

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I think you may have it the wrong way round. My understanding is…

The left to spend in balance section is current balance minus total upcoming.

The left to spend in Target section is Target minus spent so far.

There are two:

Left to spend is based on Balance (be sure to add accounts at the top including Pots where your bills come from for accuracy).

The second is Target, which I set for my spends.

Correct, but it’s useless behind multiple clicks with no RAG indicator/days left.


That’s why you set Target, as you did with Summary, to get RAG.

Precisely, but the ‘Left to Spend’ spotlight doesn’t have a RAG indicator/days left.


Incorrect, you didn’t have to set a budget or target with summary. It would work based on running your account down to 0.


Left to spend spotlight says Left for X days.

You are correct, apologies. Just the RAG!


Fair enough. It’s been a long time since I toyed summary.

If your salary is fixed you can make it work for you though, a quick bit of math and you’re good to go.

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