App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Waiting as patiently as I can :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:


This was mentioned in the TestFlight release notes, but as I don’t have plus anymore can’t test if it’s enabled :eyes:

I have premium but unable to get it to work as present on the new TestFlight update 5.42.

Pinned accounts can be selected but don’t show up on the home view screen. Same as with the filter activity.

Not sure how new this is - the app checks your clipboard when on the new payee screen. (Android)


Hey sorry about this, just working on a fix right now. Should be a few minutes


Oh boy, it’s here…

:android: v5.42.0

Pin all the things

Enable it in Labs:



Exciting times :partying_face:

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Very exciting times, been waiting for this one and it looks great as a feature!

It won’t let me save the activity feed customisation of adding third party accounts yet, must be another bug but happy to wait on that one [EDIT] This now works, at first some third partytransactions were disappearing and reappearing, but seems stable now


The whole thing is starting to make more sense now. That gives me good visibility of my most used accojtns. I think the mess of some old and some new screens is still giving an overall bad impression to many (including me) but it’s slowly becoming more coherent.

Still very very irked about the combined single balance for personal and joint savings pots though. Pension consultant asked about joint savings yesterday and what would have been a simple answer a couple of weeks ago required a calculator.


@dylanslewis getting a something went wrong message when trying to toggle external accounts up show in the unified feed on Android

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I think you speak for everyone here in that, make 0 sense. So much so that I’m actually swapping my savings from my Monzo pot, to my Barclays savings account as we speak since now I can have my savings up the top (since it’s third party), giving me full view of all my finances. I wanted it all in Monzo for ease but they’ve made it harder so now saving in a third party account weirdly makes it easier to see, stupid.


I’ve just realised it’s even better, if you copy a message with both a sort code and account number it will auto fill them both at once.

I wonder if it’s the same on iOS, I’m on the android beta.


These should both be fixed now, sorry for the bumpy launch! Keen to hear your feedback


Yay! Thank you for the quick work.


Great stuff @dylanslewis ! I really like this change…

One thing I notice is that you cannot filter out joint account transactions from the activity feed, which was a bugbear for quite a few commentators on here (not me, I want to see everything!) … Will this be coming at some time?

edit: Can you also tell us when the option to change the number of items will land?

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I don’t see it in labs? I’m on iOS 17 most recent app update.

It’s in TestFlight.

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I cant see it on the Android Beta build either

Would be nice if we could merge some of the connected accounts into a “single” card, such as Revolut…

Hi @dylanslewis

I have enabled 2 external accounts, one of which has multiple transactions today.

When I launch the homescreen the activity widget shows transactions from my monzo accounts;

it then redraws to show the transactions from the external account;

it then redraws again to show the monzo account transactions;

Followed by a final redraw to show the external account transactions…

This happens whenever the homescreen is loaded.

I can share screen recording of needed…