Anyones payment not showing for today?

My paymwnt shoukd be showing today to be paid early but it isnt never had issue before

You need to speak to your employer.

Monzo will show it when they have it. If they aren’t showing it, they don’t have it.

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Its from benefits

Hi Lee,

I will recommend to speak to the DWP or Job Centre, there may be a reason they haven’t paid or may be having delays we won’t be able to find out for you unless we have blocked it for some reason or not.

Or maybe wait till later on today and see if you can still attempt to call it early.

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Normally it shows from 4pm, no?

If it’s due to be paid tomorrow, then it would be available to claim at 4PM today. But visible now.

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Thats wat i thought but it isnt visable

Which means they haven’t paid you yet.

They might not be paying via BACS this month, there could be a delay, a different amount so it’s going via faster transfer so you’ll still get it tomorrow but not on paid early today.

Nobody here or Monzo will know this, only the people paying you.


Ok ill call tax credits but normally i recieve same amount ever week

They are paying me a differant amount this week so must be wat u said faster instead of bacs wat time do payment go into monzo via faster is it after 12 midnight


It’ll be whenever they send the payment. There’s no set time they come in. Tax Credits may decide to send it at 4pm tomorrow, or at 1am or at 11am, or at 8pm, or at 2pm.

When they send it, it’ll appear in Monzo. :slight_smile:

My tax credits was due today and claimed yesterday at 4

But they are prone to stupid things at this time of the year

If you download the HMRC app you can view payments

Even though you might not have been, I’d also recommend that you don’t become reliant on the pay early feature.

As you’re experiencing today there’s all sorts of things that can stop if from qualifying as well as a huge disclaimer from Monzo that it can be pulled at anytime without notice.