Pay at Pump payments, pots and IFTTT

Hi all,

I love to automate as much of my life as possible, and Monzo is fantastic at helping do that in regards to finances, so much so that I recently did the account switch thanks to bills from pots.

In order to help me keep on top of my finances, I allocate money each month for petrol which I keep safely in a pot so that I don’t spend it and was looking for a way to move money from the pot after a fuel up. I turned to IFTTT for this. I found an applet that transfers all “Transport” spending from a pot into the account.
When paying after i have fuel (in the petrol shop), everything works great. The payment is taken, and the money is moved from the pot as intended to cover it.
However, I prefer to pay at pump which causes an issue.

IFTTT triggers when the transaction goes through, so (in most cases) IFTTT triggers at the authorisation stage and so wants to withdraw £99 from the pot.
I’m looking for a way to trigger the withdrawal only once the amount has been confirmed.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance


This is a pain point for me aswell. Why don’t they just change petrol pumps so that you state how much petrol you want before so they can take the exact amount during the transaction and only dispense that much?

Seems absolutely pointless to auth someone for £1 then take the money later.

I know that how Pay at Pump works has been discussed in other threads, so not gonna say much on that matter here.

I’m just really looking for a possible solution to my scenario.

It is a “nice to have” as I can always move the money over manually, but I do prefer automation.

You’ll probably have to go down the API route. Have a webhook that listens for the charge, then keep checking every hour or so until it turns into a real charge, then withdraw from the pot?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds too complicated for me.