How do i stop uber auto removing money from my petrol pot?


I have a petrol pot set up which I transfer money out of when I fill my car up. The only problem is anything monzo classes as transport it automatically removes the money from my petrol pot!!! How dk I stop it doing this??


Have you setup an IFTTT rule for this?

No not that I’m aware of!?

This isn’t standard Monzo functionality so that’s my only theory as to how you’ve done this. Have a think about how you setup your petrol pot and if you created an account with IFTTT to do this

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recategorise any Uber payment to expenses :man_shrugging:

Yeah I’ve never once experienced this.

Have you got a IFFT set up where when you buy petrol it takes it out?

If so uber is also classed as traveling so I’m assuming that’s why

No I didn’t use ifttt?? And its uber eats which isn’t even transport!!! Also, when I buy petrol I have to transfer from the pot manually!!!

I’ve marked past uber as a different category and then deleted my petrol pot and recreated it so will see what happens. Thanks guys.

Maybe it’s a sign from up above that if I want to lose my lockdown weight I should stop using uber eats! :rofl:

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There’s one way to find out if you did use IFTTT.

If you go into the settings in your Monzo app and then go into PRIVACY & SECURITY, there should be a section called 'MANAGE APPS. See if IFTTT is listed in there :slight_smile:


IFTTT is also the only way I know of doing this.

If things carry on, renaming the pot to something slightly different would be a good experiment to see what happens.

Uber eats is still flagged as transportation as it’s going to the same account where uber goes

I agree! Then you’ll get a ifft fail code in the app if it was ifft

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