Anybody claimed for cracked screen on Monzo + insurance, How did it go?

I’m a little nervous as the reviews of the Assurant don’t look great. Can anybody explain the process and provide honest feedback.

I’m aware that review sites often aren’t helpful as people usually dont leave feedback for positive experiences so they are heavily weighted towards the negative.

Any advice would be helpful

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I’ve claimed for a cracked screen before on Assurant with no problems. That was through Nationwide rather than Monzo but with that caveat all worked well.

Thats good to hear, how long did it take from start to finish?

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I don’t actually remember. A few days maybe?


I put a claim in on 02-July. Not heard a thing since.
And the online ‘Claim type’ does not reflect what I reported.
Supposed to get an outcome in 24 hours. It’s been 264 hours so far. Pathetic.

Just sent a nudge email to Assurant.

Not great and another chink in the paid-for-:monzo:-tier to consider relinquishing amongst the myriad of rising service costs that’ll get binned off soon.

Overall - if costs are going up, why the hell isn’t the support rising to match? Pathetic. Again.


I know a few people who have done claims from nationwide and have been happy, so if nationwide have been using Assurant for a few years at least then I would say it’s usually fine.


I had sent my phone off for repair via Monzo with assurant and to be honest it was a mixed reaction. (Assurant also use a 3rd part repair company called Ingram Micro Services) when I used the service. This may have changed now.

I sent my phone off 1st class and didn’t hear anything for over a week when I was lead to believe I’d be notified when it was recieved and ready for repair. I was able to track it to see where it was but it just kept saying it basically hasn’t been receieved and after 9 days of not hearing anything I was concerned.

That being said, 9 days after I sent it 1st class I did email them to which they replied within 24 hours and said it was received and repaired and being dispatched that day.

So other than the lack of communication of where the phone was or if it was repaired prior to me asking, the repair of the phone was to a very high standard however I was left without a phone for 2 weeks.


I’m still waiting for any communication about the claim. Sub-par performance so far.

And yes, I am a Premium customer and therefore expect Premium attention.

God-awful experience and it’ll get worse I fear.

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Comms from Monzo or Assurant?

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There’ll be no comms from :monzo: - It’s an ‘external service’

:monzo: not to blame, it’s only the only insurance company that is currently presenting an aura of ‘fail’ - and because it is through :monzo:, the lack of acknowledgment by the external insurance company puts :monzo: in a bad light.


This sounds odd to me. You used a bulk discounted subsidized insurance. It really is just that. Given the cost of all other perks it cannot be anything but that. Note how the offering is fully self serviced, without any human customer service involved or priority. I.e. no chat queue jump, no 24/7 phone line, no ticket priority etc.

Allow me to rephrase…

I pay company A an amount of money in order for company B to provide me with a service.

Company B have provided absolutely nothing, not even acknowledgement, since I requested service, which I indirectly pay for, 13 days ago.

I expect better, as should anyone else.

Not a problem at all, so long as the service actually communicates with the direct/indirect customers in the timeframe that the service itself states. Which it has failed at in this specific instance.

I have a new business idea - become an insurance provider which offers policies to protect against lack of action from other insurance companies. Infinite loop. :exploding_head:


Now it’s 432 hours since I submitted a claim and since then I’ve heard absolutely nothing. Appalling service.


I’d have put a complaint in by now for sure :sweat_smile:


I’ve put 2 written complaints in so far (13th & today), and now have a phone number to call tomorrow.

Ah man. Hopefully they sort it soon.

Did you ever get your claim sorted?

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I’m sure everything will go smooth. Not a big fan of insurance companies of any kind, just rip offs the lot of them.You pay through the roof and have to pay a access :rage: when you need them! Unfortunately they are needed in this wacky world we live in.


Forgot to update about that one. A shocking experience overall, but a result.

The biggest problem was the online part of the claim system. It just didn’t work. After 2.5 weeks of submission and several emails to Assurant with zero communication back, I called. They had all my emails on record and claimed they had sent responses to me. But none received, none in junk/spam. So they moved on and closed the open claim & reopened another one. The whole process via phone was actually good.


They then informed that the repair had to be done by an Apple-approved service centre (fair enough) and the cost was £189, so they’d deduct the £75 excess and pay me £114 in 2 days. It was then up to me to arrange and pay for the repair. I thought this was strange for an insurance claim.

So I called the closest approved service centre and they informed the repair actually costs £209 - as set by Apple. I went ahead with the repair and after 3.5 days had a working iPhone for KidW#1 to use. I then received £114 from Assurant.

I called Assurant about the £20 difference I had to pay. They said I’d have to put it in writing, which I did.

Not heard a peep since.

ASSurant don’t do emails…

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Not a great experience overall then. Would it put you off Monzo premium? Anyone else had a better experience?