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Hi, new to this here. I recently claimed a smashed screen on my iPhone and I’ve had it back for a month now. However it’s not as responsive as it was and now it has a faulty screen. Anyway, do I have a leg to stand on regarding complaints as I genuinely thought phones had to be repaired to factory standard. Any advice would be great before I either phone and complain or just pay to get it fixed myself. Thanks

You need to contact the company that carried out the repair and tell them you’re not happy.

here lies the issue with phone insurance. Sorting stuff out becomes such a hassle you often end up replacing stuff yourself for the amounts involved.

Do you have the repair company contact directly or just the insurance company?

I don’t think phones remain water resistant if they are third party repaired. I read somewhere that a lot of places don’t put the adhesive back on or not the correct one.

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Hey all thanks for replying. I have contacted Monzo insurance and they are taking the phone back to repair it under warranty as it’s confirmed as a faulty screen and not water damage. Think insurance is good for loss or theft but definitely will think of AppleCare the next time round :+1:t2:


That’s fraud?


It is. But if you’re going to pay for them to badly repair your expensive phone, you might as well pay for them to replace it.

If you don’t keep using it while you say it’s lost, then they aren’t going to catch you.

iphones can’t be third party repaired

Yes they can.

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Only by authorised repair centres if it’s through an insurance claim

The insurer will not say this to keep their options open and importantly costs down. They also allow themselves to use third party parts and not original manufacturer ones.

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When Monzo Premium launched I rang Assurant and asked them and they said they send them to Apple to be repeated so I’m not sure :grimacing:

I’m almost certain that Assurant do not send the phones to Apple.

Assurant use a number of different repairers for iPhones, none of them Apple. They may be Apple certified, but I’ve had experience with a number of Assurant claims and I do not highly rate the experience.


Damn. That’s my only purpose for premium :sweat_smile:

I would double check on that. I would be very miffed if they told me they would send my phone to Apple for repair and it turns out they don’t.

I would have had AppleCare but last time
I checked they don’t offer Loss protection or /Accidental damage. I’m not saying I would need either of those but you never know.

I had a great, and very quick, experience with Assurant when I damaged my iPhone.

When I got the phone back initially from the insurers, the screens were obviously replaced but it definitely wasn’t as responsive as before, bit laggy. Then this happens where I got stripes and yellow tint then screen burn. Anyway it’s away back to them under the repair warranty so hopefully this does the trick. Definitely next time AppleCare (which will do 2 claims for accidental damage) then if I lose it, I can claim my Monzo insurance. Fingers crossed none of these happen but I suppose this is why we pay insurance!

AppleCare offers protection against accidental damage at an excess of a set amount per device replacement etc. They don’t offer against loss/theft however.

Personally, I find AppleCare is suitable for my needs.