Hi, Do you know if the phone insurance covers water damage ?

Thank you

What do the terms you read when you signed up for it say?

Damage would include water damage I imagine. If in doubt, ask Assurant


Here’s the t’s and c’s:

It doesn’t specifically exclude water damage, but it does have a line about “reasonable care”, so I suspect it depends on the circumstances.

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Has anyone made use of the phone insurance, was they easy to deal with ?

I pay fo premium currently but it seems a lot for little benefit especially if the phone insurance doesn’t cover water damage ect. Im interested if other have had experience with them?

It covers all damage (except minor cosmetic damage), provided you take reasonable care of your phone.

So leaving it finely balanced on the gunwale of a cross channel ferry in a force 9 gale - probably not covered; Being attacked by an angry gull which rips it from your grip and casually drops it overboard - probably covered.

I like to use my phone without a case, would accidental drops / cracks be covered? do you know

They don’t have a definition of “Reasonable Care”, so it doesn’t explicitly state you do need a case to be covered. So you’re likely fine for “normal” use - though you could call Assurant to ask - I’m sure they can clarify.

So as long as you are being reasonable it will be covered - but reasonable may be context specific.

The terms and conditions have been posted in this thread. Have a read, does it mention a case is required?