Any way to turn off the in-app sound when sending money? App still makes loud sounds even in Do Not Disturb mode (bug, surely?)

Edit: @foobar further below described it better than I could, and why it makes no sense to have these in-app sounds at all

As the title says. The android app makes a (fairly loud) sound when I make a bank transfer. I’m not talking about the app notification that shows up in my phone’s notification list (I can turn those off). I’m talking about the app itself.

Activating Do Not Disturb mode doesn’t help, the app still makes noises, which must be a bug, surely!

The bigger problem, regardless of DnD, is the lack of an app option to turn off these in-app sounds. Is there a way to disable them?

It’s loud enough that I woke people up in the other room (while the phone was on Do Not Disturb).

p.s. Yes, I’ve looked in settings. Yes, I’ve turned off the OS level notification sounds for Monzo. Yes, I tried reinstalling the app.


It doesnt do this on my Android.

Have you checked your OS DND settings to make sure the Monzo app isnt in the allowed list?

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Do you mean you hear the sound when you make a manual payment to a payee, or you hear the sound when a background (scheduled/Direct Debit) transaction occurs?

Is it this sound?: payment_done.mp3

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Yup, that’s the one. Is that file somewhere accessible on a non-rooted phone so I can delete it?

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My first reaction is that it’s the device settings but I must admit, I’ve never tried a transfer with DND on so I’ll activate DND the next time I need to pay someone manually. The file which is getting through your DND mode is a .mp3 file. The other 2 Monzo sounds are both .mp4 files. There must be a clue there. There’s at least one other previous report of this too:

Is there a way to reach the devs to report bugs or make suggestions?

I think device settings are irrelevant. As these are in-app sounds, the app should provide an option to disable them. Even if Monzo respected DND mode it would still not be a solution. One should not have to cripple their device just to make a single app behave. Once again, these are in-app sounds, not notifications sounds, which are already off.

Monzo is the only banking/payment app that has in-app sounds while the app is being used (so far I used Revolut, Starling, Wise, Curve,, Wirex, Halifax, Virgin, MBNA, CapitalOne, Natwest, HSBC, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, M&S, and more).

Given that Monzo devs wanted to go outside mainstream design and introduce in-app sounds, then I’d expect to also have the option disable said sounds in the app.

Personally, I don’t see a reason why a banking/payment app should make any sounds at all. It’s not a mobile game (and even those have sound settings).

There are more. The following was just a cursory search:


So do I. But there are some complex and extremely differing variables from device-to-device, OS-to-OS, version-to-version. It’ll need pinning down first.

Taking a step back until it is fixed, or not, you’re now aware that it does it and you have to instigate the process manually anyway, so it’ll never be unexpected again. Headphone time?

You’ve done it with this thread. Whether they act on it is another matter.

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You are lucky you didn’t have headphones on…


I’ve added the ‘Bug Reports’ category to the Topic details.

Given how the devs thought we should both have in-app sounds and wake up from the dead, that might have ended up in a trip to the otologist (well, to the NHS queue, long may our newest achievement live), so I think I’ll politely decline your offer. Call me lazy or stupid, I really don’t mind, but I might prefer not adding to the list of life & work things to keep in mind to adjust before acting on routine tasks. I might stick to Revolut, though I liked Monzo.

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You beat me to it. At least I’m not alone

@davidwalton can it please also be a “request” since the bigger problem is the lack of a “disable in-app sounds” option rather than not respecting DND?

The ‘Help’ / ‘Bug Reports’ category will do it.

The only other close category is ‘Feedback & Ideas’ - but that probably won’t get noticed as quickly by Monzo staff. There are no guarantees with either tbh :man_shrugging:

I’ve noticed, I see complaints about this problem (quoted above) going back to 2020 …

I wish devs were addressing issues like these than swap around graphics in the UI. I guess more folks could vote up this issue at the top of this page (@Brap @NotMyName @avisato?) but yes, I’m not holding my breath it’ll get addressed.

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Voting makes zero difference, it’s been around for years, I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

Bugs shouldn’t ever need votes.

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:information_source: I’ve flagged this again internally and when I know more I’ll jump back in here or bring one of the engineers to do so :pray:


I also hear the cash sound when using the “Get Paid Early” function, even when my phone volume is muted and/or DND is enabled.

In case anyone is curious I just tested on my phone. Do Not Disturb correctly stops the sound for me.

If I add “Media” under “Alarms and Sounds” as an exception to Do Not Disturb, then the sound does play.

I don’t know what the exact default is for Do Not Disturb but I do remember that it does have default exclusions, if you want complete silence you have to actively change them from the default. So media may well be excluded by default, since Android may assume if you’re actively interacting with an app you’re more likely to want it to make sound.

Obv this is only one person, one device. If this is the same for everyone on Android though, then the sound playing is not a bug, it’s working as expected.

(Obv still perfectly reasonable to request 1. An option to turn off those sounds in app and 2. the sound to be at a lower volume, which could itself be classed as a bug). And imo both those would be great.


Oh well spotted. Too many times I’ve been on DND and played a TikTok or a YouTube full volume.