Payment complete noise doesn't respect silent mode

Topic heading broadly covers it, but to clarify this is specifically the new payment UI “coin tinkle” chime that plays when your payment has successfully sent and it asks you what category to put the transaction under.

All other sounds from the app are muted from the device being in silent mode. Presumably because this is a media sound, rather than a notification sound?

Device specifically is Android 14, OnePlus 11

Monzo app v5.66.0

I have my Android 14 (Pixel 8 Pro) device on Do Not Disturb overnight. All D/D’s happen in the early hours and I never hear a thing. 2x D/D’s were debited last night and it was silent.

This could be an exception in your device settings. But your suspicion may be on the right track - the payment made sound (sending a payment to someone manually) is a .mp3 file whereas the incoming and outgoing payment sounds are .mp4 files. Your device may be allowing the .mp4 files to trigger.

To clarify, this is not the “payment taken” or “payment received” notification noise. Those happen effectively as background tasks and are at the phone level with push notifications.

Specifically, this is the noise that happens when you manually send a payment to someone, and see the transaction complete screen, along with a coin animation and a choice to categorise your payment


To double clarify, it’s the payment screen when you send money to someone else with a monzo account. It’s a different screen if you are sending money to another bank


Yeah, I reckon that’s not a notification as such, just as playing a YouTube video would not be silent. It’s a media sound.

I mean, you answered that yourself in your original post, but… :person_shrugging:

Thanks for the clarification. This’ll probably be a setting in the device. Can you check the notification toggles for the Monzo App? No idea which one may control the manual-send sound (payment_done.mp3) but the ‘Extra’ one looks like it needs disabling as a trial: