Burst eardrums

When wearing headphones the cashing sound the app makes when receiving money is so extremely loud it nearly burst my eardrums, it is always on max volume no matter what the volume of the phone is.

I’m sure others have experienced this :face_with_spiral_eyes:

hopefully someone from Monzo fixes this…


It would help if you could say what phone you are using. At the very least whether it’s Apple or Android, as they are two different apps. Also if Android, someone might be able to advise you how to check other volume settings as they can be awfully granular.

airpods pro

Great, so iPhone? or Android? I assume iPhone, but we need more information

iOS has weird bugs, I have a bug where my keyboard typing ‘click’ sound goes really loud for a little bit

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I’ve had this for at least a couple of years now (so over at least two different iPhones). Lots of people mentioning it on Macrumors, too.

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Yet we choose to still use them :joy: and buy them on release

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Well, I’m not going to switch to Android just because my click goes louder for a few seconds :slight_smile:

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Since haptics happened I haven’t heard my keyboard make a peep. Also silent mode 4 life.


Same :joy: can’t remember last time my phone made a noise.

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I may just disable the keyboard clicks, but keep the haptics

Keyboard clicks are fine, it’s just the Monzo app which has and extremely loud strident noise for the cash in notification

Just wondering if anything has been done? :eyes:

Not to my knowledge, it’s still loud AF

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Sometimes you don’t know when a payment is coming in and the sound is excruciatingly loud. My ears were ringing for a good 20 minutes after….