How do i turn off in-app sounds?

Hi, I have turned off sounds for Monzo within the iPhone settings but I still get in-app sounds like when hitting a pot target. How do I turn this off please?


Settings > Notifications > (Scroll down) Monzo > Untick the ones you don’t want to allow.


Yeh, as I say, I have done this at an iPhone level. I’ve done what you say. So I don’t get noises when out of the app when doing a transaction. I do still get noises when I am in-app. For example, I’m still getting a buzz when I hit 100% of a pot target because I’ve just topped up the pot.

Could be a bug that I have sounds off via the Monzo notifications settings in iPhone but am still hearing noises?

Have you tried re-installing it? Tbh I like the sounds.

Will try re-installing. I generally want bear minimum notification settings across my entire phone - i hate it buzzing away at me demanding attention. I’d rather look at it when I want to rather than it tell me to look at it. Each to their own hence why they are customisable. I generally have my phone on silent but i need it on loud to not miss important calls. Hence trying to switch all sounds off at an app-level whilst keeping my ringer on loud

Fair enough. Hopefully it fixes things,

It’s not necessarily a solution, but if you enable “Do Not Disturb” on iPhone, you can silence all notifications, aside from incoming calls.

I seem to remember a while ago reading on the forum that there wasn’t currently a way to actually disable the in app sounds. And I haven’t seen saying that’s changed since :confused: