✅ [Android] Unable to send money

Issue: unable to send payment.

Details to reproduce: attempt to send a payment to another bank account. Either Monzo or non Monzo produces the error "Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contaxt is if it continues "
OS: Android 8.0.0
Device: OnePlus 3
App Version: 2.6.1


Someone had this problem yesterday. Delete and reinstall the app fixes it


Are you also using Fingerprint ID? As I had that issue when using it, just turned it off to use pin instead.

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Thanks. I’ll try that after they get back to me on chat. There might be something they want to check first.


I had same problem. Turning off the fingerprint authorisation and just using the pin fixed it.

Reinstalled the app. All working fine now. Presumably this bug will be fixed at in some future update.

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We just got a joint account and neither of us are able to add money, from either current account or joint account screen. Entering the pin flashes up a message that’s too fast to see before returning us to the “add money” page.

Reinstalling the app didn’t help; fingerprint already disabled.

But really excited to have a joint account finally!

Have you received and activated your cards yet?
It won’t work until you do.


Yep, we found the thread saying that now. Obviously it would be great to be able to pay our rent out of that account even without the cards, but no worry; we will wait!

I agree, I believe this is something they are working on :soon:

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