Enable incoming payments

(Sam Ashworth) #1


I’m trying to receive payments from a friend, but they keep getting messages saying I’m unable to receive payment. I’ve gone to the send money tab, and clicked the enable payments button, but they still can’t send me money. I’ve done a test transaction to them, and that went through fine. I’m running Nougat on a OnePlus Three, and have the latest version of the app available on the Play Store (1.3.4). Does anyone have any ideas for help? Cheers!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

If my troubleshooting guide is still correct, then I expect you can’t receive payments because you’re not a verified user.

If that’s not it then I’m not sure what else the issue could be, since you’ve already enabled payments so the quickest way to get the answer is probably to ask the support team, via the in-app chat tool.

Please do let us know how you resolved the issue in the end!

(Sam Ashworth) #3

I’ve just had a reply from the in-app chat, it turns out I was unverified, and I just received a notification in-app to verify my identity, thanks for you help!!