[Android] Search Bug - Irrelevant Results

Issue: When searching using my employer’s name, seemingly all transactions are returned. If I search “payroll” only my salary payments are returned. Searching for random search terms (such as “legrusg”) returns no results.

Update: this only seems to be the case when my salary is a pending payment. I was paid this morning and the bug is no longer occurring.

Details to reproduce: May be difficult to reproduce but see detail above.

OS: Android Oreo
Device: Huawei P10 Plus
App Version: 2.20.0 (beta)

Screenshots:IMG_20181025_102638 IMG_20181025_102753

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I’ve seen this bug before… It’s quite glitchy when the results contain a pending payment (such as your pay). I’m not sure why it only happens in your first example mind you!

The app is quite buggy, I’ve spotted a fair few issues. Makes you wonder if Monzo actually have a QA team… :smiley:

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I’ve just checked it again now and now that my salary has been paid in its no longer occurring, so does seem to be pending payments related. Hopefully someone at monzo can take a look.

I reported a similar issue back in August: Android - Viewing payment history from pending Direct Debit shows all transactions

I was being fixed then, but it still looks broken. :no_mouth: