Searching for salary

If you do a transaction search looking for all your pay cheques, it shows the total and average “spent”. Given that all the transactions are positive, should this not at least be a negative amount spent?

Also, more generally on search, it would be great if we could change the category on multiple items in search results.

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Another frustration I have is that you cannot search or incoming transactions alone. There is no way to show only your incoming transactions.


Mine isn’t showing spent. I tag all mine as #salary so only that comes up. Any chance you’re getting other stuff too?


Strange. Just £xxxxxx received £xxxxx on average for me.

Mine says X received, X on average (both mine, and my wife’s salary).

Do you receive your salary in the usual fashion?

Not sure what the usual fashion is, but I get paid directly into Monzo monthly. I only went #fullmonzo when CASS came on in April, so the list is pretty short. There is nothing else on there.

I wonder if you’re paid by faster payment. Does your salary show up prior to it hitting your account?

Bizarre, I’m similar to you, but it shows up fine.

I get paid via BACS, and my wife is paid via faster payment - Both work as they should when searching.

Interesting question. I think it used to, but I’m not sure if I looked yesterday!

Are you on Android?

:nauseated_face: Don’t be so rude :joy:

iOS for me. You?

Yes. Just realised it’s a useful thing to put as your “name”.

There was discussion about having it somewhere visible for people.

Maybe we could add yet another badge to the avatar :joy:

Oh I haven’t noticed this before but that is something I do quite a bit on my Santander app so would be nice to be able to do that in Monzo

As a workaround, you can always just search for any recurring codes etc from each payment- or use tags

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