Used to be able to search for something and it would give summary at the bottom but now it doesn't :(


Must be honest I don’t use the Monzo app an awful lot but when I have it’s been incredibly useful, namely for the summary it used to give at the bottom of the screen e.g. when I’d search (top right) for something it would give, in a small strip at the bottom, a short summary of all the search results, so it would include the total amount of everything with that search-word as a payment reference, the average amount of each payment with that reference etc. This was really, really useful but it seems to have disappeared since I last used the app. Can it please be brought back?!

It’s still there for me

What phone are you using?

Sony Xperia XZ3

Might be an Apple vs Android issue

Works on Apple so hopefully someone else with an android will try

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The strip is still there for me on Android. Might be an issue with the display setting on your phone. Large text / zoom, so it is actually off screen because the strip is at the very bottom of the screen.

Edit: Just tested it with max zoom and largest font size and I can still see the strip :man_shrugging: so no idea unfortunately.

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No, I don’t have it set to large text or zoomed or anything like that on my phone, just the default standard size as per.

Still visible on Huawei P30 Pro

Still there for me on Android too. Total and average spend in a bar at the bottom.

When odd things like this happen a simple reinstall generally fixes it.

  1. Delete the app
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Reinstall the app

Stil there for me too. If I search and the keyboard is still displayed, it sits just above the top of the keyboard. If I dismiss the keyboard, it moves to the very bottom of the display. But it is always visible until ‘back’ is tapped or the search is cancelled.

Tried the uninstall/restart phone/reinstall thing and it’s still absent!

I’m scratching my head with this one - there’s no obvious setting or configuration which would cause this not to appear. Do you have any screen overlay apps running?

No, none


Is the search for inbound payments such as your wages?

It’s missing for me when I search for and the results are from inbound transactions but outbound is fine.

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Have you ticked a filter box? (Happened to me as I had 5< ticked) Or even entered a date time frame? This can effect the thing. alternatively click on a transaction and it’ll say total spent etc

Ahhh! Yes that’s what seems to be happening - the summary bar (or whatever it’s called) IS still there for outbound payments, but not for inbound.

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Mine shows inbound

There are no filter options, just the generic search function at the top of the main screen when the app first opens

I’m on Android, not iOS

Inbound shows

The filter box


Mystery solved, thanks @kolok :+1:

Looking at one of the incoming salaries (where I have paid expense money back a few times) I see the summary breakdown but the figures are very low, outlining the calculations are on outgoing transactions only.

Another salary, which is only incoming, doesn’t trigger the summary details.

So that’s it on :android: - outgoing transactions only.

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