[Android] Viewing payment history from pending Direct Debit shows all transactions

If there’s a pending Direct Debit in your feed, viewing payment history will show every transaction you’ve ever made, rather than just the current merchant. It’s actually quite interesting 'cause you can see how much you’ve spent on Monzo, but it’s not correct! :upside_down_face:

Details to reproduce:

  • Tap pending DD payment
  • View payment history for mechant (tap “Number of payments” to be taken to search screen)
  • Observe every payment you’ve ever made on Monzo :slight_smile:

OS: Android
App Version: 2.10.1

Screenshots: Not included screenshots as they all contain confidential details.

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Hey :wave:

It is a known bug and we’re working on a fix :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff, thanks @HughWells :grinning: