[?] 'Number of payments' search returns a totally different number of results

When clicking on ‘number of payments’ for a transaction, a search is opened up with the merchant name, e.g ‘Tesco’.

But that sometimes doesn’t work at all. The worst example is EE bills. ‘number of payments’ says 17 but when I click on it I get hundreds of results - any transaction with ‘ee’ in any field.

Number of payments is even smarter than just spotting the merchant is the same:
I’ve got two direct debits with EE - one for my phone contract, one for my broadband and ‘number of payments’ counts them separately.

If I search for the reference on the transactions I get the correct results but I don’t think that would work for some payments (like Tesco) - the number of payments is smarter than that (presumably the backend calculates it).

I assume it would be a lot of work to fix, but it sort of makes the number of payments button useless for many things…

There are loads of reported issues with the search function:







Hopefully the feature gets an overhaul in the future.

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