Search/"Number of payments" list is missing some old results and including wrong ones

My search is very broken, I don’t use it often so not sure how long it’s been like this, but I only noticed today. Seems like a very odd indexing issue.

My employer, let’s call them owlcorp, pays me by bank transfer from an account in that name, each month.

I searched owlcorp and noticed only the last 3 payments showed up, then after that several older payments for other, seemingly unrelated things - random pot transfers, purchases or bill payments.

So I then noticed that if I scroll back through my feed and find one of the older payments, and tap on it to open it, that payment (and that one only) is then added to the search results when I search owlcorp. So it’s as if I need to click on each one in order for the app to index it. This is even though the other, random, payments showing up go back further in time than the newly showing owlcorp payment.

When I click ‘Number of payments’ inside any owlcorp transaction, I see the same results as when I search owlcorp, so the issue applies equally to that. Worth noting that the actual number shown seems to be correct and doesn’t change as the list does, but the list shows far fewer transactions.

For the random payments which are showing that are not owlcorp, if I tap one of these to open it, it then stops showing that result in the search results. Like it suddenly realises “oh wait, this isn’t owlcorp!!”

I have not yet tried reinstalling or clearing the app’s cache, in case I needed to check anything else to diagnose the issue first.

Galaxy M31, Android 11 (One UI Core 3.1)
Monzo app version 4.22.1

After taking the below screenshot I clicked on Gousto payment at the bottom and it stopped showing in search results immediately. I assume this would happen for all the non-owlcorp payments.

Thanks, I tried checking the forum for “search” as well as “search missing” plus scanned through recent bug reports and didn’t find this thread unfortunately!

I added my info to the existing thread, but can’t delete this one.

You’ll have to get the help of a moderator to do that @AlanDoe :mega: