✅ [Android] Long notifications can't be expanded


Details to reproduce: Get a notification with too much text for the screen width. I’m unable to pull down the notification to expand.
OS: Android 8.1
Device: Nexus 5x
App Version: 2.12.0



Thanks, I’ll see if we can reproduce :+1:

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Thanks! My other bug is more urgent I think Double amounts transferring between accounts

I also get this

I have the same issue of being unable to expand notifications on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android version 8.0.0

Me too (not just from Monzo). Not sure if you can use multiple lines?

Me too. Often notifications when selected take me to the home screen rather than the appropriate screen. Meaning, if selected quickly or by accident they are lost forever :frowning_face:

This is happening to me too. 3DS notifications don’t make a sound or popup on screen either which is annoying.

Pixel 2 XL latest update.

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This is also happening to me. Any update @HughWells

I just got a number of notifications because of payments due out tomorrow, but I can’t read any of them beyond the amount due out



I’d still like a place in the app to review all these types of notifications.


Are there things that trigger a notification, but that don’t add an item to the feed?

Same problem for me.

Hey all,
I’m sure I read an article about this but couldn’t find it in the search function.

At the moment when I get a notification such as a direct debit amount has changed I don’t have the option to see the full text on Android. Is there a way to see the full text from the notification in the app? The only fix I’ve found so far is to find any app that supports landscape mode then scroll the notification pane down then.

Hope that makes sense.



I think it’s logged as a bug here…


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Thats it! Thanks for linking this.
Any admins available to merge or shutdown this post?

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I’ve flagged it for their attention for you :slight_smile:

Any update at all on this bug?

Android notifications don’t expand so I can’t read what is on them.

I’ve got a notification today to say I’ve got a scheduled payment of £194 tomorrow. Notification then just says ‘Your C…’

I don’t know what it is trying to tell me (I do have a scheduled payment tomorrow). Is there an issue with the payment? Is it going to go ahead? I don’t know. Tapping on the notification just takes me to the Monzo’s app with no further info. The notification clearly needs to expand but doesn’t

Details to reproduce - Get a notification for an upcoming payment

Android 9 Pie

Pixel 2XL

Version 2.23.0


@edwoollard Just told me it should be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Emma here from the Android team.

So sorry this took us a while to fix. I spent some time digging in to the issue a whilst back and thought it was something that we needed to make a fair amount of changes to fix, but after looking at it on Friday again I found a neat and simple solution! This fix will be in 2.24.0 which will roll out to the Google Play Store beta channel today, and will be available for everyone on Monday next week.

Thanks for reporting the problem, it really helps :relaxed: