Missing Notifications

I have just had two transaction go through my Monzo account.
I use Pushbullet to mirror my phone notifications on my laptop.
Pushbullet on my laptop showed two alerts, one for each transaction.
My phone sounded the two transactions, but when I looked there was only one notification - the second one was missing. It wasn’t even in notification history.
I’m sure I used to see all transactions in my notifications until I swiped them away.
Does anyone know why don’t I see both transactions in my notifications?


I’ve also noticed it for quite a while.

Now you mention it I think I’ve seen this happening too. I just thought it was my mistake so I ignored it. Are you both on Android?

Yes, I’m on Android.

Yes android.

Mine does it all the time, sometimes my notifications pop up then the very next second they’re gone as though I’ve cleared them and sometimes a few will hang about for me to view and others that come in at the same time decide to escape

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