✅ [Android] Blank Transaction Screen

This is similar to another bug I reported (https://community.monzo.com/t/3ds-confirmation-screen-is-blank/49878) but it affects normal transactions (not just 3DS confirmations) so I’d thought I’d create another topic to track.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Have Android app in specific account mode, in this case joint account
  • Make purchase on the other account, in this case personal account
  • Upon receiving notification, tap to view in app
  • App opens, however transaction screen is blank
  • If you tap the in-app back button (top left), the joint account is shown. This should be the personal account.

It seems similar to the 3DS bug as in it’s not switching the account type correctly when tapping on the notification.

I’m not sure if it’s related but I have a new style notification that has an inline action to “add a note”.

App version: 2.24.0

Here’s a screenshot of the blank notification, but there’s not much to see :slightly_smiling_face::



Same here, first it was only for 3DS but now for transactions too. Can this be fixed please?

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Thanks for confirming @doublemp :+1:

FYI I asked on the Monzo Slack channel as it wasn’t getting any response here Apparently the Android team are aware and are working on a fix. Hopefully this will fix the 3DS issue as well.

I get the impression the fact the app can work with two different accounts sometimes gets forgotten about!


Looks like this has also been fixed. Thanks to @Rika who tracked this issue down and fixed it :star:!

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