Bug when displaying multi-line notes on Android


I just wanted to point out a small text-related bug on Android when you have a transaction note with more than one line. It’s really not that significant, but annoys me more than it should!

I like to format my notes with what the transaction was for on the first line, and then all of the transaction’s hashtags on separate lines afterwards. For example:

New CD

If more than one line of text is used, then the ‘summary’ of the note on Monzo’s home page is cut off unnecessarily, about two characters before the actual end of the first line.

For example, take this Amazon transaction with a multi-line note:

On the home page, the summary is ‘Line o…’ when there would easily be room for displaying the entire first line:


If I remove the second line, the summary displays the full ‘Line one’ text.

This is undoubtedly a nitpick; I was torn between switching to Revolut or Monzo, but Monzo definitely takes the cake for me! The app’s great and I love all the information about spending in different categories. I also appreciate that Monzo is actually a proper bank with financial protection.

I’m on a OnePlus 3T running Android 8.0.0, app version 1.27.1.

(Peter Roberts) #2

I think this is because the text is always elided when it need not be. I’ve seen it before too