New (too many) push / in-line notifications

(nick.haley) #1

Guys I love your product but…

Please don’t become one of those annoying apps which makes me “clear down” notifications from you.

Or at least give me the option to turn them off for good / opt out of promo notifications?

Recently I’ve noticed you’ve started pinging me as well as placing a cancellable line item in the “statement” with an :x: next to it at the end of the row.

These have encouraged me to;

  • use the search feature
  • top up when my balance is low
  • set up a regular top up
  • something else i cleared off screen in a hurry cuz I was like, get off my screen all you notifications, jeez.

If you weren’t so great that when I spend I get a push, in my case to my apple watch, which comes with a current balance – then maybe I’d need these features? But right now, you provide this information already elsewhere so it feels duplicitous… Or at least, I feel you’ve done a great job at giving me enough control without me needing more nobs and whistles and to be reminded of them in this way.

This hasn’t felt very much like ‘you’ - so I’d love for you not to become naggy like other apps. :pray:t3:

Cheers, #1211.

Non-transaction notifications
(Tristan Thomas) #2

Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely working on the balance at the moment and sorry it got annoying :slight_smile: We’ll try to keep the push notification as protected as possible