✅ [Android] Long notifications can't be expanded

I’m so happy :slight_smile: :+1:

Wow - don’t think I’ve ever had something resolved quicker! I might play the lottery tonight.

Nice one! Thanks for working on this @emmag.
I actually assumed it was part of the version of Android I had on my last phone, but recent phone has more recent version so I’m pleased to see this fix on the Monzo end.

Related to what someone said above, is it possible to get a log of Android notifications?
I’m not sure if this is app-specific or an Android feature.
I’ve seen before that a separate app can be required, along with rooting the phone, two things I don’t want to do.

Yes, you can get a notification log via Android itself.
Go to your widgets in whatever launcher you’re using and find “Settings shortcut”. When you drag it onto your home screen, a list of options should appear.
One of those options should be notification log.




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