Can’t order new card

My card never arrived and I can’t reorder a new one in the app. Anyone know how else to reorder a new card ?

Does it say in app when it is/was expected to arrive?

If your new card doesn’t show up, the app will adapt and give you the option to reorder another one with a few taps.

I believe this happens after 5+ days. When did you order the card/set up your account?

January 2019

You ordered your card in January and only now you’ve realised it hasn’t arrived?!???

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It’s because I didn’t use the account after I opened it but now want to :confused: :roll_eyes: :joy:

Is your address still current in the app and you’ve not make a typo or anything?

Either way you’d be best advised to contact Monzo using in app chat.

I’m not sure what they do with accounts that are opened and never activated for almost a year. You’d think that they would close them :man_shrugging:

I know I thought that. I can’t even find the chat to use option in the app either :confused:

The help tab is in the bottom right corner. Then if you search for your issue it should get you some help.

I searched for ‘card hasn’t arrived’ and got the below. Clicking on the button allows me to order a new one.

Still not letting me :confused: :woman_shrugging:

Not letting you how exactly?

Is there an error message? The phone self-destructs? What?

We cannot see your phone or what it’s doing, if you want help then we need more information.

When I click the words that say “Reorder Card” literally nothing happens, it doesn’t take me to the link or even give an error message, it just doesn’t do anything.

In the main view (Home) if you drag down the feed (which is no doubt empty if you have never used the card), you should see a number of icons beneath your card image. If you select Freeze, the button to the right should become Replace or something similar.

Try that instead.

Don’t even have a freeze or replace option there

Are you logged in?

Edit: even better have you actually applied?

I would recommend contact Monzo for this one :slight_smile:

Yes I’m logged in. Does anyone know how best to contact Monzo?