Duplicate card

So like a week ago i created a monzo account and the app said that the card will arrive on Tuesday. It didn’t arrive on 22nd, and at 00.00 on 23rd i pressed the button in the app to order a new one, and later on that day i recieved my card. However, today I’ve received another card from from monzo. What should I do with it?

Activate the second one.

I already activated first one

In that case just recycle your second one. If it doesn’t get activated it can’t be used.

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Keep the second one as a spare. So long as you don’t activate it, you can keep using your first one. If your first card ever gets lost or damaged, you can activate the second one then.


Yep, I’d keep the unactivated one as a spare. Or you can just destroy it - up to you.

Normally since you activated the first one after requesting another one: Idk how to work it but I’m sure the other card automatically gets disabled if you request a new one?

The active card is disabled when requesting a new one. If the requested card doesn’t arrive so you request another replacement, and then the first replacement does arrive, this hasn’t been disabled because it was never enabled previously in the first place.

Back when Monzo was still a pre-paid card, it was fairly common* for people to freeze their card, request a replacement, and then reactivate their card and keep the replacement in a safe place just in case their original card was lost or damaged.

*anecdotal, I grant

Oh right, when ever one didn’t arrive for me or came open the customer support always told me it’s been permanently disabled even though I didn’t activate it so assumed it’s the same for everyone

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