No response from the help team

I have tried flagging the problems that I faced while ordering the replacement card via in-app chat, calls, and emails yet I never got the response from any of it.

Since my current card is near the expiration date, I followed the instructions on the app to order a new card at the beginning of January and paid GBP 30 for this already. The system shows that the new card will be delivered before Jan 23. However, I still have not received it until now. If I want to reorder one, it will cost me another GBP 30, which is really unacceptable as that’s not the customer’s fault for not getting the new card smoothly.

I have tried to flag the above issue through all the channels to the help team and hope it can get resolved ASAP as I will need the new card to be delivered by the end of February, before the expiration date. But as I mentioned above, no response after a long wait.

I have also contacted DHL regarding the status of this shipment. However, they said the Monzo team actually have not sent out the shipment yet. That’s really frustrating that Monzo not really complete the order of replacement card even after charging the customer.

Is anyone experiencing this? And I would be appreciated if any member here would be able to escalate this.

I’m afraid this is just a community forum - no one here can help or escalate it. Your best bet is to contact Monzo, either through the chat or by email. Sometimes response time is delayed, but stick in there.

It’s only the 25th and everything is under a lot of pressure with covid. It’s not needed for another 5 weeks


I would find it pretty frustrating too to be honest, if it hadn’t actually been sent two days after the system said it was supposed to be delivered and I’d paid £30 for it.

Not that there’s any solution but to hassle Monzo until it’s sent. Just saying I empathise with the OP on this one.

Expired card replacements are free. Why did you pay :confused:

presumably OP is not in the UK

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Ahhh yeah their account location is ‘other’.

You’ve also got to wonder whether Monzo are running into customs issues shipping cards from the UK.

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