Card redelivery

Hi - I recently opened a joint account and the card has not arrived in the time it said it would. I am trying to push the button in app to redeliver a new one, but there appears to be a bug and I can’t actually push the button. Can anyone help?



We’re all customers here, you’ll need to chat to Monzo by searching ‘contact us’ in app. Chat may be closed until tomorrow now



If you go to the help tab and type Contact in the search field, then tap on the top result titled Contacting support you should find appropriate methods to get in touch with Monzo who will be able to help you.

Edit: @ndrw beat me too it! Good luck OP, hope you get it sorted.

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It won’t let you re-order until a certain amount of time has passed. Give it a few days and you’ll be able to press the button (if it hasn’t arrived)


Thanks everyone

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I had the exact same issue recently with a replacement card. You’re not able to order another card until the expected delivery date passes. Saying that I don’t recall even having the option until then so maybe it’s a bug and you’ll need to go through support.

(Mine turned out to be a post issue by the way as both cards were delivered on the same day in the end)